Pictured; Back Row; Nancy Brown, Linda & Bill Frankenberger, Spencer Ernst, Bill Covington, Ron Bible, Gene Harris, and Tim Brown.  Front Row; Steve Weger's ear, Mike McReynolds, Fred Bozek, Steve Polofka, Pete Roberts, Shelia & Roger James, and Lynne Polofka..... Gallery 14

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01. Stan Braxton Opens SgtMac'sBar and Steve Polofka

02. Roger James, Randy Schlotman, and Charlie Mason

03. Bob Bieber, Floyd Smith, Jim Keen, and Randy Schlotman

04. Dave Lillico, Don Rogers, and Doug Kimme

05. Al and Ursula Huddleston

06. Clint Randolph and Don Peters

07. Pat Pihana, Bob Bieber, and Randy Schlotman

08. Tom Allen, Bill Vetscher, and Rod "Ripcord" Pendergrass

09. The Great  go the Football Game Gathering

10. Ivan's Resuscitation 2004, CCT Reunion Wx'ed Out

11. Dick Sigman, Greg Walsh (Pre CCT), Roger James, and Jon Rosa

12. Steve Cardwell, Ralph Thomas, Art Palaian, and Ron Bible

13. Dan Kennedy, Jeff Clemens, and Ron Bible

14. SgtMac'sBar Open House and "Fun" Raiser 2006

15. James, Bible, Schlotman, Cardwell, Thomas, & Mason

16. Hector River, Tony Snodgrass, & The Pihana Clan

17. Steve Polofka stays over & Bob Bieber shows up

18. Charlie Mason, Doug Kimme, Steve Polofka, & Jim Aubele show up for Halloween 2007; 2008 Pat O'Neill drops in, plus Jeff Clemens 

19. Todd & Debbie Argel Bastian Across the U.S.A. plus Doug Kimme, Bob Bieber, & Ralph Thomas

20. Wayne Norrad, Charlie Mason, Bob Bieber, Bob Azeltine, Rick Drinkwine, and
Richard K. Sprouse and Family

21. C. Ray Long, John & Silvia Drozdowski, James Glaser, Charlie Mason, Bob Overland, Dan Callender, and Ralph Thomas

22. Don Hindman, Gary Pino, Roger James, Charlie Mason, and Charlie and Nancy

23. Memorial Day Weekend, 2012

24. Mike Snyder, Larry & Vicki Samlow, Chipper Williams, Charlie Mason, Roy Kitchen, Joe Edwards, and Charlie Mason shows up for Christmas

25. Russ "Doc" Savage and Randy& Lisa Schlotman, Ron Evans

26. Sgt Mac's Bar Gold Star Reunion, Memorial Day Weekend; 2013

27. The Giesige Clan, Mike "Kitty" Schlegel, Memorial Day; 2014, Don Hindman

28. Charlie Mason and Debi, Bob and Lou Overland for Christmas, 2015 Ronney Moss

29. Steve/Lynne Polofka and Doug Kimme visit Sgt Mac's Dinghy Dock

30. Nick Kiraly & Al Corbett

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