Letter to the Editor.............08/21/2008

Todd and Debbie Argel-Bastian's world came crashing in three years ago when they received word that their son, Derek, an Air Force Special Operations Combat Controller had been KIA while serving in Iraq.

Todd and Debbie of Lompoc, Calif., will honor their son by remembering his adventurous personality by dedicating a 6,000-mile motorcycle ride in his name. The Capt Derek Argel Memorial Ride will take the Bastian's across the country and back.

This journey will present opportunities for Debbie to meet with groups along the route and discuss her son and four of Derek's comrades who died with him on Memorial Day, 2005. Her ultimate goal is to raise $105,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF), a non-profit organization that provides full college educations to the surviving children of fallen special operations personnel, including Debbie's grandson, Logan.

I have been honored to host Debbie here, Monday the 25th of Aug, and VFW Post 2657 in Fulton has made this easy.  To welcome Debbie to Mid Missouri, they are providing a free lunch @12:30 with donations going to the SOWF.  The Patriot Guard will be attending and you are invited to show your support for this Gold Star Mom and the Patriot Guard.

Meet us in Fulton, or @ Mid America Harley @ 11:30 for a motorcycle/caravan ride to Fulton.  After lunch, 2:00 we will escort Todd and Debbie to Mid America Harley for a 3:00 media event where she’ll talk about her current mission.  You are welcome to meet and talk with Debbie and another surprise, Doug Kimme.

Todd and Debbie will also meet, Doug Kimme, a former Combat Controller who recently lost his son in Iraq.  This will be a grand day and you’re invited to attend.

I salute VFW Post 2657 in Fulton, Mid America Harley, and our VFW Post 280 for their involvement in honoring our fallen.  For more information, go to www.specialops.org or call me @ 573-446-4840

Finally, SgtMacsBar!   

Just never enough time, Morning comes too quick.........

Off To The 105th Harley Anniversary

Believe it or not.....................

Jim Robertson published a “Letter to the Editor” about Gold Star Mom, Debbie Argel Bastian coming to Columbia on the 25th of August.   Jack and Debbie Morgan of Columbia read the letter and called me saying they knew Debbie.

Debbie Bastian is from Lompoc, CA. and her son, Derek, a USAF Combat Controller, was K.I.A. in Iraq, Memorial Day 2005.   Derek is 6 foot 6 and an accomplished water polo player who used to play water polo and swim with the Morgan’s son Jay and went to Cabrillo High  School in Lompoc, CA with Jay and his sister, Stacey.

On the 25th we had everyone over for dinner and the world got a whole lot smaller.

My wife, Jill, found out she knew Jack Morgan’s father, Jack W. Morgan who was Associate Dean of Engineering and while working for Gary Freie in registration at the University she worked with Dean Morgan many times on registration issues.

The Morgan’s mentioned they were stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in CA., next to Lompoc.  I had just received a phone call from my old Air Force Teammate and Combat Controller, Ron Evans, telling me he and Jodi had just moved to Vandenberg AFB.

Then Jack mentioned he was the JAG (Judge Advocate General) Officer for Vandenberg and that’s when I got goose bumps.  Colonel Jodi Evans had just reported to Vandenberg as the JAG Officer.

We got to laughing about how small the world was and Jack mentioned the 6 steps to Kevin Bacon.  Jill told him we’re a lot closer to Kevin then that since she went to summer camp with him and did pottery at his mom’s house.

Also, Debbie Argel Bastian and her husband Todd will return to Lompoc and find they have  some new friends with the Evans'.     Pictured Left are the Evan,s 1st meeting with the Bastian's
Again what a small world, for so few Combat Controllers, we sure have the world covered.........................  Stop in soon and make the world even smaller!  

Ralph and Luke Thomas  showed up a couple of days later for a Patriot Guard Mission!