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01. A little prep work for the Open House
02. Thursday's Happy Hour
03. Friday's Motorcycle Countryside Ride and Lunch
04. Pig and Brats
05. Friday's Happy Hour
06. Caught me by surprise.... Thank You!
07. Adam Servais
08. Football and Pig
09. Curly Joe Harper and Prize Raffle
10. Dance, Dance, Dance
11. Tequila, Tequila, Tequila
12.  WE HAD FUN!

Special Thanks to The Friends of SgtMacsBar for making this and much more a reality, "Bringing Us All A Little Bit Closer!"

Mike, I'm confused.  Is Sgt Mac's Bar a real bar where people go to socialize, drink and be entertained?  I thought it was just your email address.  Duh.  Where is it located?  Are you the bartender and Jill the barmaid?

So, you really had a popular band entertain at your bar?  Heck, yeah, Ricky Martin at the CCT reunion in November is okay with me. (I think I know who he might be) 

I'm sorry, guess I am a little naïve.  See you in November.

Sherry Fresques  P.S.  You are very welcome anytime to come stay with us in Yuma to drink Coronas and Fat Tire!  You bring the entertainment!

Sherry, you make my day.  Many of you may have known Jeremy and Sherry is his mom who many of you will meet at this year’s reunion in November.  Special thanks to Frankie Rodriguez and the AST boys for their visits to Nick and Sherry’s when in Yuma.

Back to Sherry’s question, which is really hard to answer; “Is SgtMacsBar a real bar?”  I’ll try to answer it as simply as possible, but if you come to the SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser you can find your own answers……

It all started back in 1988 when I was abducted into a secret government organization.  They cut all my ties to the military and I went into deep cover.  Of course, you can’t repeat any of this, I don’t think I’m even supposed to know but as I’m losing my memory, it’s all coming back to me.

There was this group called the Davidians headed by a suspected terrorist named David Koresh.  I joined the group and eventually became one of Dave’s “inner circle” and was allowed to have three wives and seven mistresses.  This pretty well kept me busy and life was good.

Dave was all about indoctrinating pretty young girls into seeing God and he was God.  I thought he had a pretty good racket going and then it all fell through when I found out his plans.  The Feds were right, the SOB was a damned terrorist and you were his target.

His mission was to take out the CCT at JSOC and the plan was diabolical, Dave was evil, but a real genius.   The guys didn’t stand a chance and I was their only help.   I alerted the Feds, but you know how they goofed it up.

I told them I’d take care of it, but they wanted the news coverage, something about the President needing a boost in his ratings.  Politics and war just don’t work.  So anyway, the Feds screw up and the standoff is starting to take a toll on everyone. 

Dave was planning on giving up my last wife for some food and I only had two girlfriends left.  I went to the back room for an attitude adjustment and I guess when I tossed it, it landed in the trash can.  Next thing I know, there was a fire, so I just split.

Dave and his cronies perished in the fire and I was able to save my last wife, Jill.

I let the Feds in and they played it out for the media, and everyone was happy……

A disaster was averted and I was hooked up to a bunch of machines and wires for therapy.  They gave me a lot of pills and told me to be a Bartender.   I was OK for a while, but then the memories started coming back.  They really bugged me until I realized I was undercover and saved JSOC.

The big plan was to disable JSOC and they were going to use the CCT to accomplish the mission, diabolical.

Dave was recruiting young women, brain washing them, and then inseminating them with the Giant Killer Spirochete gene, making them a carrier.  The women were going to be released on the JSOC CCT, who would not be able to resist these young beauties and within hours all the CCT would be infected with Giant Killer Spirochetes, diabolical.

The Giant Killer Spirochetes hibernate for three days and then you’re gone, there is no antidote.  The CCT would have mated with all JSOC employees and their wives …… JSOC would be wiped out within days and with the promiscuity of Delta and the SEALS all Special Forces would have been wiped out within weeks, diabolical.

According to the scientist, the infected CCT would have caused world extermination within 145 days.  Thank goodness the Giant Killer Spirochete gene and the carriers were all destroyed in the fire, saving the world.  You won’t see this in the news!

Just another mission the world will never know about, but you sleep safe in your bed because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence to those who mean you harm!

The only reference you’ll ever find to this mission is a small Federal Law; XX-x-x-XxX that’s so classified the computer x’s it out every time I write it.  It allows SgtMacsBar to be a not for profit tax free organization, however there’s a lot of rules I have to follow. 

So, is SgtMacsBar really a bar?  I’m not sure because of the rules I have to follow, but let me tell you a few things about SgtMacsBar that may help answer the question.

Columbia is a government dumping ground and there’s a lot of people like me around here, so we’re considered normal.  I’m allowed to have my bar to make a living, but because I’m not for profit, I can’t make any money.  I enjoy running the bar and being the Bartender, but don’t know what I’m going to do for a living when I retire.  The problems I have to cope with.

Because the bar’s at 2500 Hillshire Drive, city code requires the building to be occupied 24/7, so Jill and I set up house and live upstairs.  It can get pretty loud at times, but I just turn the TV up and the noise disappears.  I found that watching the Simpsons works best.

So I have this bar downstairs and Columbia passed the “No Smoking Anywhere Law” and I had to move some of the bar outside to keep the smokers.  I built a few decks and put in a fire pit, which brought in more drinkers.

Soon I had to expand and now for bigger events, I have SgtMacsBar Auxiliary.   Due to the size of the Hole, city code would not allow me to add on to my building, so I use the one next door.  I guess that’s why we call it the “Hole”…. You have to enter through the back door and some have entered, never to be seen again?

I built a nice walkway to the Hole, but put a small pond and fountain in the walkway, before I realized most of the legs couldn’t swim.  I pull out about one a week.  I was lucky to find an old paratrooper, Tom, to bartend at the Hole and the operation’s been running pretty smooth.

Staying within the not for profit guidelines has been complicated.  I manage not to make any money, however the IRS still requires me to report tips, so I have to put the tips through the laundry.  The tips pay for the alcohol, which allows it to continue flowing and for me to stay open and give it away.  I’m still not sure how it works, but I make a living.

I invite you come check out the establishment and tell me what you think.  In my opinion, you’ll enjoy the two open bars.  No, I didn’t say cash bars, I said open bars…. You want it, you got it!  Five Beer Taps……..and Tequila!

Sip or guzzle your choice of nectar at the bar or in the sit down area next to the fireplace adjacent to the atrium, across from the dance floor where you’ll enjoy the beauty of the countryside.  This beauty may entice you to take advantage of the outside Beer Gardens.

There’s always room on the numerous outside decks and covered porches or sit out by the fishing pond.  Fish from the dock or take a walk down the path and fish from shore.  Take a minute on the bridge, remove your shoes and let your feet dangle in the water as it flows through your toes to the fishing pond…. Life is good!

If you don’t want to share your water with the fish, enjoy a splash in the pool, or a stimulating massage in the spa.  The hot tub’s always full, but I’m sure you’ll find room.  Of course it goes without saying; “No Diving from the Porches or Roofs!”

If you don’t want to get wet, maybe you’d enjoy a game of pool on one of the tables?  Maybe some darts or would you rather play some pinball or a game of Q-Bert?   You can always find something going on and if you’re a gambling man, join the game in the Poker Room.

You can always find something interesting on the fifteen TV’s and two big screens.  CCT will be highlighted on the big screens and a selection from Pay for View Wrestling and Ultimate Fighting to Jackass on the TV of your choice.

Add your dollar bill to the ceiling becoming a piece of SgtMacsBar.  Get your picture taken behind the bar.  Sign the GuestBook!  You are SgtMacsBar…………

Did you know SgtMacsBar has a Combat Control Monument to our KIA and a remembrance to all our deceased within the Brotherhood?

At SgtMacsBar, you can telephone any Combat Controller stateside; Free of Charge

I hope I have your interest, so why should you come to the open house?

Not for the open bars, golf, gourmet chow, football game, wine tasting, CCT Movies, Motorcycle Ride, poker, Bloody Mary’s & breakfast, and much much more, but for the Camaraderie.

Without you, there’s no party!  So to entice you, myself and many others have participated to make cumming a no brainier.   As if the Camaraderie wasn’t enough, check this out!

The only reason I go to reunions is to see you.  All the other stuff is great, but you’ll find me at the hospitality room most of the time.  I thought if I just expounded on that one item, I’d have something.  So here it is; SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser

SgtMacsBar is the hugest “Hospitality Room” you’ll enjoy with so many other Combat Controllers.  You’ll want to spend all your time here, except for a few outside activities; we’re going to bring it all to you.

It’s always Happy Hour and the Open Bar is being sponsored by the “Friends of SgtMacsBar”  Friday we’re chowing down on some Wisconsin Brats supplied by Roger James and I’m smoking some assorted stuff for a great buffet style chow down.

Saturday, the big day, starts off with Bloody Mary’s and Burritos and then it’s off to Golf, Motorcycle Ride, Casino, Football Game, or the CCT Movie Marathon.  Get back in time for the Wine Tasting and Poker Tournament, or just enjoy the Free Happy Hour!

Then enjoy the drawing for Free Prizes, Curly Joe and the Band, and some smoked whole hog that’s been smoking out front since Friday along with some of the Smokin’ Hermit’s famous smoked beans.

A little more blues from Curly and we’ll have the Bikini, Salsa Dance contest out on the band stage.  I’ll be checking it out from the hot tub and it’s not over yet.  There’s still Bloody Mary’s and Breakfast in the morning.

 Did I mention, it’s all Free?  Thanks to the “Friends of SgtMacsBar”, everything is Free!

“Friends of SgtMacsBar”

So, who are these Friends?  Rick Jordan, Bob & Brenda Swisher, Roger James, An Anonymous Party, Ray Cameron, Bill Frankenberger, Art Lawrence, Steve Williams, Bob Booth, Donnie Mirabile, John "Dancing Bear" Buck, Emmet Heidemann, Dave Pearson & Razcals, Dan Packard, Joe Edwards, Sam Scoggin, John Drozdowski, Bob Brennan, Gene Harris, Skip Arnold, Jim Donaldson, Gary Brock, Steve Weger, John Koren, Bart Decker, Calvin Markham, Marcus Mallard, Billy White, and many more, click above.

These friends have donated prizes and money to ensure you have a great time at the open house and to help “Bring Us All A Little Bit Closer!”

They are part of the “Fun Raiser” in SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser and I hope you can participate.  To make it less painful, some have offered prizes to be raffled as an incentive to let loose of a few bucks.  These bucks go into the SgtMacsBar Fund and are used to benefit Combat Controllers and Bring Us All A Little Bit Closer, Trust Me?

The Rules; All donations receive 1 ea raffle ticket for prizes.  For each $100 donated, an extra ticket is received.  Therefore, $500 worth of Mizzou vs. Ohio Football Tickets would reap 6 chances to win a prize.  First ticket drawn gets 1st pick of prizes and so forth until all prizes are gone.

Additionally; for any donation of $100 or more, I will send you a DVD of the CCT 50th Anniversary Reunion free of charge.  This is my donation to you and I’m happy to make them.  Each DVD is handmade and I use LightScribe, endangering myself to laser injuries inscribing each disk personally.  Did I mention ZZ Top’s Favorites Hits are included for your listening pleasure?  It doesn’t get any better!

Prizes are listed at SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser and are growing.  Do you have a prize to donate?  So far; A Super Knife from Roger James, Large Eagle Photograph from Art Lawrence suitable for framing, Styling Ballistic Eyewear from Dan Packard, One of a kind CCT Pen handmade by Gene Harris, $500 worth of Dinner & Lounge certificates from Dave Pearson and Razcals, Curly Joe CD “Urban Shuffle” and another Curly Joe CD “Running From An Angel Of Death”, Signed photographs of significant CCT Missions in Afghanistan, and more to come.

The above prizes are for donations received by mail and if you are present for the Saturday Bash, you have a chance to win more prizes.  

The prizes will range from Free Mizzou vs. Ohio University Football Ticket, CCT T-Shirts donated by Ray Cameron, Dinner & Drinks from Dave Pearson, Styling Ballistic

Eyewear from Dan Packard, Signed photographs of significant CCT Missions in Afghanistan, and more.

Did I mention a Free SgtMacsBar Gold Coin?  Just drop your business card in the pot for a free drawing.  Don’t have a business card, make one!  I just want your name.

How much is your name worth?  At SgtMacsBar your name is always worth a conversation and I want “your name”.  You’ll find over 300 Combat Controllers names in SgtMacsBar and I want to put yours on the “Friends of SgtMacsBar” Poster and advertise it at the open house.

To do this, I need your donation by the end of August, so the poster can go to print and be ready for the open house.  Of Course donations are accepted 24/7, but I want your name posted in SgtMacsBar, please donate today.

You’ve noticed all monetary values at SgtMacsBar are converted to the Beer Scale.  I’ve gone from kegs ($85.00) to cases ($20.00) for a cheap one and I’ve run dry.

I have just over 20 guys supporting the whole operation at this time.  No problem, the mission will succeed, however I hope you would like to participate.  I know it’s hard with the gas prices the way they are, so I’m hoping you can help with a 12 Pack?  Around here they go from anywhere between $11.35 to $14.50.  If you have an extra 12 Pack, please help and be a “Friend of SgtMacsBar!”

This Fun Raiser is not about quantity, but about names and I want yours.  Is it worth a 12 Pack?  If so, stop what you’re doing and write me a check right now.  Hell, just send money; if it gets lost tell me and I’ll add your name to the Friends List and I’ll cover you for the 12 Pack, you’re my buddy after all ……  If you need the bucks for a 12 Pack, let me know and I’ll cover that too!

SgtMacsBar is 5 short of 400 members, and so far 20 have supported this mission.  I’m not too impressed, but the 20 I have are very impressive and the mission will be accomplished!  I’m lucky to have so few friends.

The above numbers are skewed a bit and it’s my fault.  I’m kinda dissing some of my best friends and I need to correct that right now.

I have the “Friends of SgtMacsBar” Poster deadline at the end of August and those of you attending so far; Roger & Sheila James, Charlie & Libby Mason, Linda & Bill Frankenberger, Steve & Lynne Polofka, Randy & The Lovely Lisa Schlotman, Steve & Micki Weger, Gary & Pam Brock, Steve & Shirley Williams, Tim & Nancy Brown, Bill Covington , Jim & Jean Keen, Ray Cameron, Gene Harris, Ralph Thomas, Steve Cardwell, and I hope to put your name HERE! You may have missed the opportunity of tipping the bartender early, thereby excluding your name from the poster.  Tip Early and join the “Friends of SgtMacsBar” Poster………

It gets you on the poster and gives you another chance of winning a prize, diabolical.  And all you can eat and drink, plus doubling your chance of winning a prize….. You must be in Heaven or at SgtMacsBar?  Did I tell you about the pickled eggs?

Talk about Heaven, Miss Missouri, the future Miss America was going to attend for photos and a little Camaraderie, but due to alcohol consumption and the Police Chief being on premises, and Sarah, being the law abiding citizen she is (20 Years old and available), she’ll obey the No Minors Allowed Statute and stay on the street.

I think I finally have a deal with the Chief.  The Fire Chief set my capacity limit at 200, but has given me a one time exemption for 250 and the 50 extra spots are going to be available through the Mayor, who just happens to be the Chief’s boss.   I’m scratching backs all through the state and more to make this happen.

The Puerto Rican Ambassador has finally given up, but the Governor’s getting involved now.  Matt’s offered up a couple of FEMA Trailers he’s moving from St Louis to Kansas City.  Seems they could be lost in Columbia for a while and probably set up for complete services, compliments of FEMA.  I heard there may still be a few Comp Cards left for the Isle of Capri Casino.  Those are usually reserved for those who proclaim themselves indispensable to government waste. 

I’m excited, with all the incentives available to you and I hope to get six or seven donations from you guys enabling me to add another keg to the festivities.  Damn, if all of you could have it so easy, my only worry being where my next beer will come from.  Life is good and I hope to share it with you.

To hell with the bucks, To hell with the names, Just show up and have some fun on the “Friends of SgtMacsBar!” 

Please don’t show this letter to my therapist.

For those that suffer mentally, Curly is the best medication and has agreed to play until the noise police throw him out….. as long as his CD’s disappear @ a few bucks a piece and his Tip Jar remains full.  Note; The Chief is in charge of the noise police and Governor Matt’s a Curly Joe fan, I don’t see any problems………..

If you can’t make it, give me the details and I’ll try to change them around so you don’t miss out.  This is not a Squadron Party, even though I hope the 123rd is here in full force, I don’t advocate drinking in limited quantities; there’s always a place to crash at SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser

For more information, please check the website; SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser or contact me for details……

Did I mention Gary Brock will be at the open house?  Gary’s a CCTer from the Viet Nam era and owns and embroiders numerous CCT and Airborne Designs.  Your imagination is his inspiration and your design is a reality waiting to happen.  Come meet Gary or contact him at the above website; being unique is just a stitch away….. custom designs, no problem!

I have a few autographed pictures of significant CCT Events in the working for prizes and solicit any prizes from you that may incite an influx of bucks.  If you’d like to get involved, I think you’ll feel better….. try it, you’ll like it!

So, Sherry, I hope I’ve answered your question; “Is Sgt Mac's Bar a real bar where people go to socialize, drink and be entertained?  I thought it was just your email address.  Duh.  Where is it located?  Are you the bartender and Jill the barmaid?”

If you’re not entertained I haven’t accomplished my mission and yes, SgtMacsBar is more than an email address; it’s a congregation of a bunch of tough guys who allow you to sleep safe at night and Jeremy is one of us…… I’ll see you in November!

I anticipate seeing the rest of you in September and I hope to add your name to the “Friends of SgtMacsBar” Poster Bringing Us All A Little Bit Closer…….. I have an outline of what I expect the poster to look like, and you can see I have a ways to go.

Please check the website for continuous updates.   I have only listed those who have committed to coming and will only list you once committed.  I understand it’s hard for some of you to plan this far ahead, but we’re only talking two months.  Let me know ASAP, I have commitments to attend to.

I was really glad to see so much interest in Curly Joe and he gave me a couple of CD’s to give away.  Most of you probably saved the Open House Flyer I sent out, Curly’s pictured in it and if you bring it, you might just get his autograph.

Coincidence; The Banker just called and offered me free libations and tickets to Credence Clearwater Revisited on the 23rd of this month.  Hunting for an invite to see Curly Joe?


You have the invite, Deal or No Deal?

Help me build the poster

Send bucks today…