Always A Good Time At SgtMac'sBar, It's the FRIENDS

Mike Snyder drops in for Fathers Day and I find out he's my long lost son; he wants money  
Below; Shoot Out @ the OK Corral

Smoke Em if You Got Em, Mike Smoked' Him, now we eat him.     Shot with SgtMac's Big Bore.

Who dares drop in next?                    

Unbelievable, Larry and Vicki Samlow
Vicki being Bill Giesige's sister, Bill Giesige being Chad "Goose"Giesiege's father!

What a pleasent surprise to meet Chad's Uncle and Aunt and many thanks to them for visiting the bar.   I hope it's not the last and you all can meet them at the 2013 Memorial Day Family Reunion, right here @ SgtMac'sBar.  It's a Family Thing, join us!  We're all FAMILY!

Insert; Chad and his dad, Bill, sporting some Combat Control Attire in support of said Memorial Day Festivities........

Always A Good Time At SgtMac'sBar, PJ's Welcome!

Pararescue Jumper, Chipper Williams, rode in on his Harley and drank all my beer.  Then we started on the liquor and ended up on the "Top Deck", leaving the fire on all night.   Then he took me out for breakfast and left me with a room full of "Anti Monkey Butt Powder!"  Darn PJ's...........

Charlie Mason stopped by and we found another use for PJ's, much to Jill's dismay?  


We managed to kill 3 Bottles and severely wound a 4th.  

Always A Good Time At SgtMac'sBar and
With All That Killing, I Need A "Resupply Drop!"

Thank God for Roy Kitchen, or should I say JESUS?

How'd I get so lucky, need a resupply and Roy Kitchen, father and mentor for General Bobby Bear appears with Scotch, Real Scotch.   We drank to you guys and Roy talked about CCT, his best years in life and how he wish there were do overs.  He screwed up, we cried and forgave each other and Roy left a shot for YOU, @ THE BAR!

Always A Good Time At SgtMac'sBar
Joe Edwards Checks in with Gold Star Reunion Supplies

WOW, where do I start?  Custom Mirror, Cards, Buttons, Mugs, Shirts, and Framed Prints
It's like Christmas, the support Joe has given for The Family Reunion, Memorial Day Weekend, 2013, I Salute YOU!

Always A Good Time At SgtMac'sBar
Charlie Mason Showing Up For Christmas

I'm not sure, but we may need another "Resupply Drop", I'm still seeing double!
See you Next Year, I Hope