Always A Good Time At SgtMac'sBar, It's the FRIENDS

It all starts out as we gather for breakfast at the VFW.  On the left side of the table are the Garcia's; Fred thinks he's in charge, Trish is in charge, Allee the movie star daughter, and her boy toy.  Then there's HumminJill, me esposa and Ron Bible in black.  There's Jim and Alice Aubele with Doug Kimme in between and Steve and Lynne Polofka.  As I look at this picture, I'm wondering what would make Trish smile?

Below; A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing..... Fill those hands with a few automatics and she plays to a different drummer!

Above; Special thanks to Gary Wineteer , shooter extraordinaire for allowing us to shoot up his place!      We wounded a few targets and had FUN!

Above; The party's just starting as Bob and Lou Overland join in.  Lou already has her hands full of Ron Bible, or did I get that backwards?  

Everyone has their hands full of Ron and look who shows up; Charlie Mason and the Party's On.......  We may have to get Ron and Steve a Motel Room?

That was a rough night, but those that were able waited for "The Shelia's" to serve breakfast, they done GOOD!

Below, Doug and I, along with Fred and his Road King toured the countryside to find all refreshment establishments closed for the Memorial Holiday.  We didn't waste time taking pictures, we were racing like crazy back to the bar.

Below; However, once we got back, Bob Overland, Doug Kimme, Ron Bible, and Mike McReynolds enjoy a bit of Scotch and Fine Cigars.   SgtMac'sBar is always OPEN! 

Below; The "Shelia's" are fixing cocktails, frying up Pork Skins, and a planting in the water pond.  Life is GOOD!

Who,Who,Who Let the Neighbors Dogs Out? Bruiser, Vinnie, Minnie, Belle, and Rocko

Always A Good Time At SgtMac'sBar, It's the FRIENDS
we're not done yet......... MEMORIAL DAY