Always A Good Time At SgtMac'sBar

Don Hindman and Paulette discover the "Fountain of Youth" @ SgtMac'sBar

For somebody that doesn't drink, we sure had a good time acting like a bunch of kids.   I think I joined the Moolahs and Paulette beat up some Biker for his helmet.   Don bailed us out of the hoos-gow just in time for me to attend my morning prayer meeting...........

A week later, Randy and Lisa Schlotman show up and we lit the Top Deck up.  The deck is finished and we put a fire pit on top of the house.  We partied until 0230 hours, and forgot to take any pictures; we were having Too Much FUN!

Above; Gary Pino stops in to inspect the Top Deck and it PASSES!  Tequila for everyone...............

Below; Roger "Old Dog" James and Charlie Mason heard the Top Deck had passed inspection and proceeded to have a few too many in celebration.   The neighbor called the police, thinking I hung myself, but it was just, General Bobby Bear performing a "test jump" from the Top Deck.  

1973/74 General Bobby Bear made 21 jumps from a C-141 at NorthField, SC.  Roy "Germ" Kitchen was his trainer, jumpmaster, and caretaker; until he retired General Bobby to SgtMac'sBar

Looking at the above pictures, one might get the notion that we were a bit inebriated and somehow mis-routed the static line when hooking up General Bobby Bear.  Thanks to the quick response from our police department, further injuries were averted and they forgot to check my permit for the Top Deck.   Somebody looks after us partakers and a few of them are on this page.  Roger invites you to come by for some Tennessee Honey and up top, Don Hindman left a huge bottle of Maker's Mark for us to enjoy.

SgtMac'sBar, the drinks are always on your friends!

Charlie Mason and Nancy show up on Friday - Steak Night at the VFW - with more alcohol, see below!

Jose Cuervo Black, and Friends............... Thanks Charlie!