Road Trip, Let's Visit Over a Frostie     

Pictured; Mac, Steve Polofka, Dave Pearson, Bob Bieber, Jim Hiser, and Clyde Howard..... Smokey Mountains, Gallery 10

                 Coming to your neck of the woods soon..... Got Beer?

1. Holmen, WI. has a Brewery and Roger James

2. Yuma by way of Phoenix, Christmas 2002.... Rex, Gus, and Jack

3. Fishing with Floyd Smith and Cousin John, Thomas Hill Lake, MO.

4. New Years 2004 in San Antonio, Party @ Hud's Drop Zone

5. Meet Bill & Linda Frankenberger, July 4th, 2004

6. Wichita, Yuma, Tucson, Garden City, Dyess, Alamogordo, and back to Yuma, 2005

7. Little Rock AFB and back to Frankenbergers, 2006

8. Asheville in Sept. 2006, Pope AFB, and Louisville KY and the 123rd STS

9. Christmas 2006, Yuma or Bust and CCT's all along the way

10. May 2007 Nashville Reunion and Gathering at Razcal's (Pearson's Place)

11. Jim Aubele, Dave Gfeller, Bob Bieber, and Mike McReynolds, Feb 2008

12. Christmas 2008, Cannon AFB, Yuma/Mexico, Tucson, Dyess AFB, & Topeka 

13. Greg Walsh Marrys,

14. Christmas 2009, Cannon AFB, Phoenix, Yuma/Mexico, Cannon Again,, & Wichita

15. Spring Break 2012, Vegas and Yuma/Mexico

16. Bob and Lou Overland, Scotch Tasting in Minnesota

17. Bob and Lou Overland AGAIN, 2015

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