The Open House from the previous Gallery, left us with so much food, we decided to throw a "Left Over" Party on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, which just happened to be game day for the border rivals, Missouri's Mizzou Tigers verses the Kansas Jay Hawks.  More to come on that subject.

A call was put out to help eat the left overs and watch the Mizzou/Jay Hawk Football game, while enjoying a few Frostys!

Roger and Sheila James drove in the night before from Wisconsin and Steve Cardwell also showed up Friday in time for Happy Hour.  Surprise!  Racin' Dave, certified BMW Motorcycle Mechanic and Friend, invited us to Deja Vu's to enjoy a Hypnotist Show.  We spent a short time at SgtMacsBar before we headed downtown and to the show....................

Roger, being an enthusiastic BMW Rider cornered Racin' Dave and was prying mechanical advice from him through out the show.  We we're all having a good time, but it was just starting.  We were all surprised when Steve jumped up on the stage and volunteered to be ridiculed.

Anybody Out There Been Drinking Too Much?

Of course we weren't allowed to take pictures, but Jill tried to sneak just one..............

And then, I'm not sure how it happened.... but Steve ended up in the Hot Tub with Jill?

No problems, I ended up with Steve, Roger and Sheila disappeared to a bedroom and nobody remembers what happened.  The next morning we all got up and allowed Jill to fix us breakfast to prepare us for the big Party!