Jeff rode in here on his Harley after 5 weeks of being on the road.  New Jersey to California and on his way back to New Jersey.  Since Jeff showed up on Friday, we held Happy Hour in his honor and Ron Bible rode his Suzuki 1100 up from Jefferson City.  We had a tremendous time along with Jill's Biker Gang.

Of course, that's me on the left, surrounded by the senoritas and the older looking gentleman on the right is Ron Bible and to his right Jeff.  Did you notice the Suzuki didn't make the picture?   I'm only making these jibes about Ron because he rode his Suzuki and expects it.  He's actually considering a Harley and took us all out for dinner........ he's actually a Good Guy!

Just kidding, of course we drank senselessly..... I mean responsible and we we're able to spend a couple hours riding the countryside before Jeff took off to visit the guys at the 123rd.   It was great meeting Jeff and as always.... You're always welcome at SgtMacsBar!

Jeff is an inspiring cartoonist and he left me with the following for the bar; In Honor of his Good Friend, Adam Servais, K.I.A. Afghanistan, August 19th, 2006.

Mission; we try to drink as many car bombs as humanly possible.  Lots and lots of them.  But we make it a point to get all the guys together when somebody passes away to do a toast.    And the ingredients are…

 ½ Pint of Guiness  (The pint glass will be half full, leaving room to drop the shot into it)

Shot glass with ½ Jameson and ½ Baileys.

Then you take the shot glass and drop it into the ½ pint of Guiness and down it really quick before it starts to curdle.  It tastes horrible when it curdles, but tastes really good when it’s drank in one shot.