9-11-17  Don Hindman Visit's Again and The EAGLES FLY

Don captured/found a Box Turtle trapped on  a steep river bank and although he wanted to make turtle soup, Jill released him on level land to go and multiply.

Remember the turtle he caught on his last visit?    Don "Turtle Man" Hindman

Maybe a slow cruise down the river will clear Don's Head and he can catch some fish?  In Don's own Words;      

The ride certainly scared up some fish, more for some.... what happened to Don?

             I just love these two pictures, as they tell two different stories and no words are needed.....

We all enjoyed some laughs, a great time, and yes...... even caught a few fish

Don blazed a path to what we called the "High Water Fishing Place", renamed in Don's Honor.  Don't worry he's still alive, but he turned 80 and I/WE wanted to let him know we love him before it's too late.

The vultures in the tree above sure did hang around a lot?

I love Don and never pass up a chance to show why.... He's Got My SIX (this time)

This is what we do for excitement after a night of of telling exaggerated "Fish Stories" and maybe....... a few beers


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