You are correct, my dock/pier/deck is underwater, but Jill's Floating Dock, The "On Target" is a Party Barge!

Lucky for us, our friend Don Hindman showed up to teach us how they hook the big ones in Kentucky.

I wonder if Don's Kentucky fishing plans included crawdad's, they sure work in Missouri.

Bob and Lou Overland stopped over and we kicked back while trolling.  

Someday I hope to only show you  over 10 pounds

A nice size Goldeye and the 1st White Bass I've caught.  The deck's at Happy Hour Level!

Time to dock the floating party barge and rest up for the next day's adventure.

Would somebody please tell Jill to come to bed.  Ever since that fish straightened out her swivel, she's been hunting that fish to get her lucky hook back.  She's got the biggest fish we've caught at 6.5 pounds.  Check out her smile, she's crossed over and is officially an 



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