We've been catching so many catfish, we now fly one............ We're On Target!

Jill loves her hummingbirds, but did you know they make great   bait?
They're hard to catch, you have to put salt on their tail, but then I have a Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Fly Shooter.

I want to put my bait on a hook, while Jill wants to hook it up to an IV?
and the real story is; this little guy slammed into the RV and knocked himself out.   I gave him to Jill who hooked him up to one of her numerous hummingbird feeders and after almost drowning, he opened his eyes and checked Jill out while sitting on her finger.  After a bit he took off and now I see him following Jill around in the evenings.........

What I didn't know was I had this huge "Snapper" hanging around our swimming area and eating my catfish.

2015 Jill headed East to her "Cousins Reunion @ the NJ. Shore" & this year, Steve Polofka came to slay some fish!

So we started out catching an appetizer and finished off with dinner.

Doug Kimme comes to help with the fishing and Tom Butcher shows up on his Harley with a couple cases of beer.

Doug didn't waste anytime before he pulls in a 6 pound Channel Cat   

What a nice catch, and I got it on video.  I may have been excited and let a few words slip, sorry....

Steve pulls in a nice Largemouth Bass and it's time to Shoot em Up..............

Nothing was safe, except the targets.  Tommorow's fishing kicks butt!


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