Don't have to chase the lunkers, they're at the boat ramp.

Jill's having FUN with the "Baby Cat's", while I'm in the "Big League"

This is what Osage River Cat's are all about and Jill hooks one too.  However, the biggest fish got away, as shown by her straightened swivel below.

What straightened Jill's swivel?  You never know what you're gonna HOOK!

Believe it or not; I got a crossbow for my birthday and set it up for fishing.   Above I took my 1st test shot, just shooting blindly into the water.   I never saw the Asian Carp and didn't realize I'd speared a fish until I was retrieving my line.   Imagine our surpise at my blind luck.  The Asian Carp is the one that jumps into your boat, however this is the only one I've seen.  

Continuing the unbelievable, I hooked this Golden Redhorse and threw it back not knowing it might be a state record.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. April 2016 – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports that Dan Schmitz of Jefferson City became the most recent record-breaking angler in Missouri when he hooked a river redhorse on Tavern Creek using a rod and reel.

The new “pole and line” record river redhorse caught by Schmitz on April 15 weighed 9-pounds, 13-ounces. It broke the previous state-record pole-and-line river redhorse of 9-pound, 10-ounces caught on the Osage River in 2006. Schmitz was using worms when he caught the fish. MDC staff verified the record-weight fish using a certified scale in Jefferson City. 

Pictured above;  Mike McReynolds , caught the above on Aug. 4th 2016 weighing 9-pounds, 15-ounces.  This is the new state record, however McReynolds tossed the sucker back not realizing it was this easy to get a state record.  Armed with this knowledge, McReynolds plans on using his fishing platform, "On Target" to target another state record.......  McReynolds also acknowleged fishmen are subject to a bit of exageration which is to be expected........ however, a picture tells the truth!

I'm thinking about starting my own fishing TV show, Jill shot my 1st  clip.

This is my front yard and not knowing what the river brings, everyday's an adventure!


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