WOW, Doug Just Blew Us All Away.... 8.1 POUNDS From The Ramp!

You just NEVER know what the river's going to bring you......... What is IT?  Who Cares?  IT'S HUGE!

Ictiobus, also known as Buffalo Fish or simply Buffalo, difficult to catch.  Yet, once on the line, it can put up a good fight.

Steve catches the 1st Gar & I was surprised at it's bright colors.  I forgot to measure it before release.  Didn't Matter...

Believe it or not; Steve had been throwing this lure a bit without a hit and I remembered I had a can of "Bang" fish attractant and I sprayed his lure, telling him the next cast would hook a big one.  He cast out and as he was reeling in he let out with a "NO WAY!"  It was WAY.... believe it or not

The story continues as Steve catches another gar about an hour later which measured out at 42 inches.  Unbelievably, he caught this on some dingbat pole he pulled out of his tackle box and expanded to 4 feet with 6 lb line.  Including the lure, this gar was the same size as his pole!  Then I couldn't get him in my net, it was too small.  Somehow we finally landed the beast, both of us suffering minor wounds.   However, as we lay there bleeding after finally getting it back in the river, we had a beer in our hands and a smile on our faces..... It was an ADVENTURE!

As mentioned above; You never know what the river will bring, see below....WHAT IS IT?  

Who would have guessed, an Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle.   I may have a Turtle Condo off the ramp?

May have to bring out the "Heavy Duty Alligator Hunting Bow"     Caution, may be hazardous to the operator.

Out of all these strange fish, I love my bass the most, especially a feisty largemouth.

However, a 4 pound, 10 ounce Carp can certainly put up a good fight!

Actually, it doesn't matter what I catch, they're all FUN!  Did you know turtles BITE?

We'll, maybe not "Snappy", we'll just have to give him a couple of years.........

Is Jill kissing that fish, or did they both get botox treatments????  "Carp Mouth"

I'll just stick with     they're always biting and I don't have to kiss them!
Come visit somtime..........     


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