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by Gene Adcock

by Gene Adcock

by Gene Adcock

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Battle at Katum
Kham Duc
The Fall of Lima Site 85
Calvin the Commando
A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
Desert One, and John Carney
Urgent Fury
That Others May Live
Combat Control School
Shoot, Move, Communicate
Preparing for WAR
Ambush at Takur Ghar
Valley of Death
CCT Brings Firepower to the Fight
CCT the Secret Weapon
Shadow Warriors
Close Air Support
Elite Warriors
Chute' For The STARS
Special Operations Squadron
Super-Warrior Emerges in Afghan War
You Can Only Quit Once I Don't Miss CCT
The Mission Goes On
The Game

sent by Patrick Aguilar, converted by Mike McReynolds
Vietnam Japan Germany
Saigon, 1965; Don Horton, Commando Tachikawa, 1963; Gidget, ParaPup Wiesbaden, 1967; Barinowski in Charge
Saigon, 1966; Morgan & Wilhelm Naha, 1966; CCT Link C-130 to Target
Sembach, 1968; Souza # 800
Bu Krak, 1968 Supply Drop Tachikawa, 1967; George Hamblin # 200 Ramstein, 1969; The 7th SOS
That Son, 1969; Angels That Never Fly Tachikawa, 1968; "Century Club" 1971; Operation Firm Lion
Kham Duc, 1969; On a Wing and a Prayer Wiesbaden, 1971; CCT's are 1st on DZ
Khe Sanh, 1971; Don Howie, Gotta be Tough Rhein-Main, 1982; "Super Team"
Pleiku, 1972; Bill Lacer Left Stranded Bangkok, 1975; Tom Monley Jumping @ 55
1972, Brian Sawyer, Controlling the Situation 2013; Don Strobaugh
Kontum, 1972; Lacer and Sawyer
Loc Ninh, 1973; POW Release

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Combat Controllers in the NEWS..................
2013, Massachusetts; James Glaser & Jack Banished

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