The Smokin Hermit, Jay Wrinkler, parked this beast in my driveway Thursday evening and asked me to fire it up about 1630 hours on Friday.  I was a little intimidated; Damn thing had a head with eyes that glow and a set of headers that  shot out steam.  Smokin' Jay built this monster from  scratch and I'm sure he has a little Tool Man in him..... Add a little fluff, Awesome!        Can't believe I got to FIRE IT UP!

Now, to make sure the pig was fresh, Smokin Jay took Steve Polofka along to act as Pig Inspector.   After nibbling on her ear a bit and sampling her feet, Steve gave the pig his stamp of approval and it was a good thing, the natives were starting to stir..........

With the knowledge of a pig coming, they started showing up from everywhere.  Howard and his Double D Lady (Julie) and Easy from Jill's Biker Gang showed up and I knew Floyd Smith and Johnell would be there to supervise the operation.   They went crazy when Steve and Nick threw the pig on a tarp and Smokin' went to it with a splitter.  Who gets the tail?

Shut her up and keep the fire Smokin' until chow time tomorrow. In the mean time, we have some Adam Servais Brats to cook up and some of Bill Covington's tater salad to put together.

A Note From Roger James; When I heard about the Open House I signed up quickly and thought that since I'd brought Brats once before it would be neat to do again and you'd save some money.  I was on my way to MT when I heard about Adam and tried to do what I could from afar.  After I got back I waited a couple days and went to see Pete & Sue.  I felt guilty for not making the funeral (I would have ridden back but couldn't push Sheila that hard and it wouldn't have been fair to her) and wanted to express my condolences and to try to help explain what CCT was/is and the bond we'll always have for and with Adam and them.  They shared some of their experiences with the AD guys that came to the funeral and expressed their appreciation from the response they'd received from the CCT community.  I told them that I hadn't told anyone else except Sheila that I was going to make the Brat dinner in memory of Adam.  I hadn't told you but I knew there was no problem.  I got the Brats from a local food store chain that is very community oriented and is one of the two businesses here that reflects the values of this area (in my opinion) and has been very successful because of that.  I felt/feel a connection with Adam because of both being in this area despite never meeting or even knowing the other was CCT.  Because of that connection I wanted to make a small memorial meal as a tribute to Adam.  I guess I should add that I was impressed with the "low key" that Pete and Sue took.  They did their own grieving privately and with incredible dignity.  When we met, I got very emotional and choked up and THEY CONSOLED ME!  Incredible people and it is easy where Adam got many of his good qualities.

Nancy also made some great fresh Pico De Galla (salsa) and let us know to stay out of the kitchen unless you're being productive.  While all this was going on, I was on the bottom deck smokin' some pork loins, just to make sure nobody was going to go hungry......

Special Thanks to The Friends of SgtMacsBar for making this and much more a reality, "Bringing Us All A Little Bit Closer!"

Bill Covington's Louisiana Potato Salad, makes 6 to 8 servings

2 lbs red potatoes, cubed and cooked
1 cup Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing
1/2 tsp. each paprika and ground red pepper
8 slices Oscar Meyer Thick Cut Bacon, cut into 1-inch pieces
3 green onions, chopped
2 celery stalks, thinly sliced
1 red or green pepper, chopped

Mix the potatoes, dressing and seasonings in a large bowl and set aside.

Cook the bacon in skillet on medium heat to desired crispness.  Remove the bacon from the skillet and put on a paper towel. Save 1 Tbsp. of grease in the skillet and add the onions, celery and peppers cooking until crisp tender

Add this and the bacon to the potato mixture and mix lightly.  

Note; This salad is best when served warm, but also taste great at room temperature.  Try making it the day before, then cover and refrigerate.  Let stand at room temperature 1 hour before serving.

Bill pulled this recipe out of a newspaper and has everyone thinking he's a Chef.  He's happy to pass it on to you by popular demand... Try it, You'll Like It!     Thanks Bill.....

I talked to the Smokin Hermit and everything's lined up except for the Combat Controllers.  Depending on my count, Smokin will go to his Amish contact on Friday the 22nd and pick out Susie Wong, which you're more than welcome to assist with.  Here that Floyd?  Susie will get all cleaned up and arrive at SgtMacsBar during the Smokin and a Grillin' event.  I'll talk more about that in another email, but I hope to have a 6' 7" SOG SF Commander (Big Bob) Grillin brats from Wisconsin brought in by Roger James.  We'll be smokin something too.....

Smokin will set up outside SgtMacsBar and start smokin Susie that night for the huge feast on Saturday.  He tried to talk me into some beans and potatoes salad, but I declined.  Bill Covington makes a heck of a potato salad and Jill doesn't do too bad herself.

I pride myself on my beans, but I ran into a salesman;  Smokin is going to win out on the beans.  He about told me I was a fool not to have his "Smoked Beans".  He enlighten me to my ignorance and convinced me you need to taste his Smoked Beans!" 

Now I Got A Problem!  SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser  is a fund raiser and the funds raised are to "Bring Us All A Little Bit Closer!"  Hey, why didn't anyone tell me I was spelling raiser wrong?  I ask you to send donations, but I don't want to use those donations for the open house; we'll maybe some to buy a few beers for your buds........ depending on tips.

SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser is FREE.  However, that won't work if you don't come.  I'll end up paying to bus our homeless folks in to eat Susie Wong.  I need your RSVP, like soon, so you can get a hotel or I can line up some buses.  

Will you help me make you have a GREAT TIME?  I promise, or will return all fees!

Did I tell you what I did this last weekend?  A few of us hopped on our bikes and rode to Oleans, MO. population 167........ except when they're hosting the "Testicle Festival!"  It was the first time Jill has had any balls in her mouth, that I remember.......... me too?  Damn that was hard to say, Missouri brings out the Hillbilly in you and the Testicle Festival brought out the bikers.  If you got a little hillbilly in you and have the Testicles..... join us for SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser       RSVP  NOW...........

What are you doing on the 23rd of Sept????   Where will you be on Nov. 11th?  Don't forget about the CCA Reunion.  There's a lot of CCT Happenings in the next few months, start making plans now and please include SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser         Bringing Us All A Little Bit Closer!!!!!