I just don't know how to end this because I don't know that I've expressed just how much FUN we had.  I'm happy to say it was enough to have an Open House every other year, so if you missed this one, plan on 2008.   The Friends of SgtMacsBar certainly humbled me with all of your support, I could never Thank You Enough!  Thank You!

Special Thanks to The Friends of SgtMacsBar for making this and much more a reality, "Bringing Us All A Little Bit Closer!"

Hope to see you soon................. Send Pictures!

The Open House was a Huge Success and some of those attending. Jill’s Biker Gang, Curly Joe, Smokin’ Jay Wrinler The Smokin' Hermit, and Tom & Judy Butcher didn’t understand the significance of the Open House.  However after meeting the guys and parting down for days, the Camaraderie came out.

Toni “Queen” Charlton, Ron Bible’s squeeze threw $50.00 into the pot, just because she thought the money was doing good things.

I gave Tom and Judy $300.00 to help cover expenses and expected to be billed for more.  Tom and Judy were the POC’s for golf and own SgtMacsBar Auxillery, opening their house to all of us for three days.  They returned the $300.00.

Smokin’ Jay Winkler, aka The Smokin' Hermit realized what we were doing and offered to cut his pay for the smokin’.  He’s a fair man and had numerous expenses and I don’t see how I could pay him less, so I refused the offer.  He put a Hefty Tip in the jar.

Where do these people come from?  Here’s a note I’d like to pass on;

Mac- I Just wanted to personally let you know how much I appreciate all the extra effort both you & Jill went to for this "party" you put on at your personal residence, ( certainly "above & beyond" ) THANKS from me. Also please let Judy & Tom know how much I appreciate their support- I have never had neighbors like them- you are a lucky man to have them for friends & neighbors.   Shirley & I had a great time.

It was good for me to be around old & new friends - & it was so good for me to spend time with Bill Frankenberger- I hadn't seen Bill & Linda since the late 60's at England AFB.  I will send you the photos I took on a disc in a day or two. I didn't take many, but maybe I got something the official photographer missed.

What will you do this week without all the excitement?

Thanks Again, Steve Williams

Steve just happens to be the winner of the Free Gold SgtMacsBar Coin worth something under $1649.52 depending on the price of Gold.

Gene Harris brought his friend Spencer Ernst who donated a box of 898 Partagas Cigars.

My buddy Dru, owner of Hemmingways LTD supplied us with a box of wines from around the world and a few more from Missouri.  http://www.Hemingwaysltd.com

Many of you donated door prizes and gifts for the donators, the Grand Prize Winner, Nick & Sherry Fresques, selecting Art Lawrence’s photograph of an Eagle as her prize.  This photograph will be presented to Sherry at the Friends of SgtMacsBar KIA Families and widows luncheon Friday, Nov 10th at the reunion.

Sometimes you just get lucky; I managed to have Betty Sigman as my date.  I had a nice conversation with her last night along with Sherry, Linda, and Debbie.

It was my pleasure to present Greg Walsh, one of our newest CCT Officer’s with a Life Time CCA Membership made possible by Betty and co founder of the CCA, Dick Sigman; rest in peace.

Waldoo Willis called and gave me an update on Dave Gfeller.  He was going to mail him a care package, I said I’d take care of it.  Waldoo and T.C. sent yet a third check along with Gil Bigelow and John Drozdowski to cover the package.

Steve Weger, Joe Edwards, and Steve Polfka handled the drop off which included a CCT and SgtMacsBar shirt donated with an on the spot request. 

Curly Joe played an extra set or two and the dancing went well into the night.  The neighbors all commented on how good the music was and we all had a Great Time…………  Especially Nick

Roger & Sheila James, Charlie & Libby Mason, Bill & Linda Frankenberger, Steve & Lynne Polofka, Randy & The Lovely Lisa Schlotman, Steve & Micki Weger, Gary & Pam Brock, Steve & Shirley Williams, Tim & Nancy Brown, Bill Covington , Jim & Jean Keen, Ray Cameron, Gene Harris, Ralph Thomas, Steve Cardwell, Ron & Judi Locke, Jim & Jean Keen, Joe Edwards, Pete & Kirsten Roberts, Doug Kimme, Ron Bible, Mike "Mouse" Lisk, Bob Azeltine, Rick Drinkwine, Jim Hiser, Floyd & Johnell Smith, J.K. Koren & Nancy Cotton, and Nick Kiraly all made a showing.

Chuck and Pat Trimple made a cameo appearance Bob Bieber stopped in for a few beers.

With Fred Bozek, Nick’s SF Retired buddy who knows more CCT than me, Jill’s Biker Gang, and a few others we had The Party!

Fred said he was embarrassed that a CCTer threw a better party than any he had ever been too!  Quite the compliment and I’m glad to say it was repeated a few times and I’m looking forward to showing you the pictures and tell you a few stories, but that’s not my subject today.

There were many people who donated prizes; Super Knife Delivery System and knife donated by Roger James.  3 Super Knife Delivery holsters from johnlindquist@escapees.com; $300.00 worth of Dinner & Drinks @ Razcals Restaurant & Lounge from Dave Pearson (see note below).  Dan Packard donated two sets of Revision Ballistic Eyewear; 2 sets of Sawfly Eyewear(blades style sunglasses); Art Lawrence, nature photographer donated the photograph he took of a Bald Eagle; the photograph is 20"X24" with a 4" matte making the photograph 28"X32" suitable for framing.  Gene Harris makes and sells handmade wooden pens of Dessert Iron Wood and Titanium Hardware as a side business and has donated one laser engraved with "Combat Control"  "First In - Last Out."; Curly Joe added his CD "Urban Shuffle" plus the newest one "Running From the Angel of Death."  Select one of two favorite Combat Control Photographs, signed by the men who made them famous!, Three chances to win a five pack of 898 Partagas, Joe Edwards donated a framed Combat Control Recruiting Poster, The Combat Control School Association donated a CCT pendant made at Rhudy's; Laotian Ranger Badge, circa 1970; Tim Brown throws in a CamelBack Rucksack and Ralph Thomas gave us a Red Beret...... Thanks for the support Guys!

All these prizes will be given away to the following winners.  The names are list in order of the drawing, the first name picking first prize and the last name will receive what’s left.  I’ll be calling you, so be thinking about what you want.

Note; I may run out of prizes prior to the last name, I’m still expecting a few more, maybe, so we picked a few extra names.  Some of the above people also donated door prizes for the Open House.

Nick & Sherry Fresques were the Grand Prize winners and selected Art’s photograph as a prize.  Next is; Bob Eubank, Roy Kitchen, Bill Frankenberger, Andy Baillie, Pete Roberts, Steve Farnum, Donnie Mirabile, Jim Keen, Donnie Mirabile, Red Ghormley, Ray Cameron, Ed Pound, Ralph Thomas, Pete Roberts, Tim Brown, Bob Azeltine, Gene Harris, Hector Jones, Roger James, Hector Jones, Bill Covington, Jeremy Schoop, J.P. Lagerloef, Roy Jordan, John Buck, Sam Scoggin, Ray Cameron, Ron Schott, and Bill Covington.

I’d like to congratulate the winners again and thank everyone that made this event possible.  It was such a success I announced that SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser will be a biennial bi-annual event which I think means every two years.  I look forward to seeing you at the next one.

A Few Comments From The Guests………

Good food, good beer, great friends… What more could you ask for?  Truly a great time was had by all.   Many, many thanks for all that you two do to bring us closer together.  Steve Polofka

I came I saw Sgt MAC’S Bar and it’s as good as it gets.  The food is great the stories are still the same to protect the innocent... Jill & Mac are great host and if you go hungry or thirsty it’s your own fault.  Nick Kiraly-  Fred Bozek

Tim & Nancy Brown - Having a good time – food, golf, beer, golf, beer, etc!  More later………Great Toons!! Curly Joe made the night!! Y’all missed it if you missed this happenin’! What a great place and great friends! Where’re the boots, it’s getting pretty deep in here….

Joe Edwards:  Don’t play golf, don’t have a Harley, don’t care about Missouri football but …what a helluva good time!  Good friends, good beer, good band…what else could a guy want?  Great time at Sgt. Mac’s Bar!

Ralph Thomas:  Outstanding hospitality, Good Bike rides. MIZZOU Won!

Keep ‘em Flying

Andy Baillie:  Fantastic time.  Hospitality unmatched.  Keep going, we need this.

A gathering of old “Hooyeas!!!”.  I’ll be back, thanks for a great time! JK

Anonymous; JK set a new standard for low life he passed gas which would have made Wayne Norrad proud.  He was voted the most likely to succeed Norrad as the all time champion.

Mac and Jill:  Great party with great friends.  Thank you both so very much for the wonderful hospitality.  You guys do so much for the “FAMILY’.  We sure hope you never close the bar!!!       Love you guys, Steve and Micki Weger

Randy & Lisa Schlotman: What a great time! Drinking, Dancing, Stories, Food and Football. What a great family to belong to. Mac & Jill have a lot of love to have all us ornery people in their home. Love you all. Can’t wait for the next get together to see everyone again! Kiss Kiss to all you guys from Lisa J

Floyd Smith in email to Bill Frankenberger re: Secret Fund Campaign:  I think this is a great idea.  Mac has done a lot to get our community together over the years.  I have spent quite a lot of time over the last three years fishing and partying with him.  I will say he has given 200% to his self proclaimed mission and will challenge anybody out there to say that they have done half as much.  It has often been said that CCT’ers are the unsung hero’s of the battle.  Mac is the unsung hero of the CCT’ers brotherhood.

I would like to remind everyone of another very special person that has played an indispensable roll in all of this.  JILL, has gone far above and beyond what would be expected and has been the unsung hero behind Mac.  She deserves a round of recognition also.

I don’t know if your plans include any kind of book or picture presentation, if so I have a few pictures to submit.

Unfortunately, I am not sure if I will be able to make it to Mac’s get together in Sept.  I am still playing catch up with my vacation time from work and I need to save up for the next Reunion in Florida.  The time I was off for my surgery put me in the hole and I have to make it up.  I may have to go AWOL for a few days.

If you need help with anything let me know and I will try to assist.  My check is in the mail……………Floyd

(Floyd went AWOL and attended the Open House!)

Evil crept into my soul as I felt envy for those eligible for prizes because I removed myself from the raffle.  My prize was your involvement and I should have been happy with that, but when Gene Harris said he had a surprise for me, my heart skipped a beat….his custom handmade pens are beautiful and I’m greedy.  He pulled out a case laser engraved with the CCT splash and the CCT laser engraved pen.  I about sh#t, but I knew it wasn’t mine………… Damn!

The next day, Gene presented me with a beautiful Blue pen with Gunmetal Hardwear; the blues to represent the beret and the Air Force…… and the next day he presented Jill with a beautiful purple pen with gold filigree.  Gene’s friend Spencer turned me on to a couple of cigars and a cutter.  Who am I to deserve all this attention?   The Harris Pen Collection

Kirsten Roberts couldn’t make it, but she sure made a presence!  Pete made a couple of Adirondack deck chairs and Kirsten painted them.  Mine, bright red with the CCT flash painted on the back and Jill’s is green with a purple Harley driven by a Hummingbird painted on the back………..too cool!

We received quite a bit more and I think you already know I’m a lucky person to have such friends. 

My sacrifices have returned me much more than I ever expected and I’ve become much closer to my Brotherhood.  Thank you for your trust, but most of all your Camaraderie.

You thank me for www.SgtMacsBar.com, but without you SMB wouldn’t exist.  It’s your energy and guidance that keeps me going and the knowledge that we are bringing us all a little bit closer that keeps me normal.

Hope to see you soon................. Send Pictures!