And Look Who Shows Up.....

My friend Steve Wilder, Steve Weger, Nick's friend Fred Bozek, and Nick Kiraly.........Then there's Susan Wilder, aka; Wilder Susan

Chuck & Pat Trimple made an appearance and were gone.  Pete Roberts along with Steve & Lynne Polofka also showed up as long time buddies Gene Harris, Roger James, & Charlie Mason were reminiscing.  

Chuck's a weird one; Drove from Tenn. to Kansas City to see Dave Gfeller and stopped by SgtMacsBar for 5 minutes on their way back to Tenn.  It was dark and I thought I had talked them into spending the night, but NO.  Next thing I know they were heading for Tenn. without even a good-bye.   Hours later I'm not sure why the Heavens opened up and struck them with a lightning bolt, but they should have stayed.................... Yes, there is a power above!

On the other hand, I had much better luck.  Look what Pete Roberts made and his wife Kirsten painted for Jill and I to relax in while throwing back a cold one after a hard days work.   Yeah, I'm pretty lucky, Thanks Guys!                        
TOO COOL!            

Below Ron Bible, Steve Weger, Spencer Ernst (Gene's Friend),
Fred Bozek (Nick's Friend), & Bill Covington

Bill Covington, Tim & Nancy Brown along with Bill & Linda Frankenberger all showed up for Thursday's Happy Hour.  That's Tom Butcher, my neighbor extraordinaire and bartender at SgtMacsBar Auxiliary making the Open House possible, above with Tim.

Jill cooked up a pot full of chili and after everyone was full, we had a few more drinks and passed out the fortune cookies.  "Special Fortune Cookies" given to us by Dan & Annie Kennedy, they're full of laughs.  You read your fortune, then add the words "in bed".  It made for some interesting fortunes and put smiles on everyones faces.  Special Thanks to Dan & Annie for Special Fortunes...............

The Open House hasn't started yet, but you'd have a hard time convincing me of that.   My apologies to Steve & Micki Weger, Steve was cut off on the left and Micki was taking the picture.  Wait a minute, why am I apologizing?  Micki's the one who cut Steve off and I'm sure he's used to being cut off by Micki................ We had a GREAT HAPPY HOUR!

Special Thanks to The Friends of SgtMacsBar for making this and much more a reality, "Bringing Us All A Little Bit Closer!"