It's early, Friday, Sept. 22 and the forecast is Rain, Thunderstorms, Heavy Thunderstorms, and Large Hail.  Were going on a bike ride today and I sure hope that Large Hail holds off, it could get rough!

This is the only picture I have of the golfers.  They were worried about the Large Hail destroying their cameras and left them behind.  There was also confusion about meeting up, or was it because John Koren knew his way to the course?  John and Nancy Cotton are missing from the picture, but you get to meet Judy Butcher and as you can plainly see...... everyone's concerned about the weather, including the bikers.

  Look, Ralph Thomas showed up, isn't he retired?

It's finally time to start them up after the Beamer Riders (CodeName; The Michelin People) got their racing gear and comm figured out..........  Start Your Engines!

And we're Gone!
Except for one late start, damn civilians, can't ever get out of bed in time..............  No Problems, Steve will "Ride Like He Stole It!" and catch up with us later.

Our First Stop, down to the rivers bottoms and the oldest / largest tree in Missouri and a picture opportunity........

What a crew; Pete Roberts, Ron Bible & Toni, Ralph Thomas, Mike McReynolds & Jill, and Shelia & Roger James.

Not only did Steve catch up with us, he brought a whole bunch of Steve's with him.  Steve & Lynne Polofka along with Steve and Micki Weger joined us for lunch at Woody's.  Is that a Margarita Micki's drinking?  Damn Right, We're Having FUN!  From Woody's we headed back to SgtMacsBar and a date with a PIG!

We were lucky, it seems someone was looking after us as the storms never appeared and the sun was bright.  There is a power above!  Thank You Again............ 

Special Thanks to The Friends of SgtMacsBar for making this and much more a reality, "Bringing Us All A Little Bit Closer!"

So, there I was; Just this last Saturday, I was up a little early and sitting at the kitchen counter daydreaming about the exciting day ahead.  Art Palaian, one of SgtMacsBar A Combat Control * CCT * Hangout newest members, was going to stop by for a few quick ones and later I was entering my bike in the Mid America Harley Million Dollar Show.   And then it happened……………..

Home Invasion; My mind was in a happier state of mind when I hear my front door swing open.  Like a dummy, I only shut the storm door when I let Maggie in.  My thoughts immediately went to SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser and the huge amount of cash in the fund.  The damn terrorists were here to destroy the “Fun Raiser”, there-by causing catastrophic damage to the Open House.  They were after your money…………..

Once a Combat Controller, Always a Combat Controller; My warrior instincts just took over and next thing I know I’m confronting a huge ugly looking bastard in my foyer.  He just looks at me, sizes me up from head to toe and just starts laughing.  Now I was concerned; I had the SOB dead to rights and I heard Maggie tearing down the hallway to back me up and he was laughing?

I had been sitting at the kitchen counter smoking a 898 Partagas cigar; strong, well balanced and rich in flavour, unusually intense and quite commanding, when I heard the front door open.  I always keep my Colt “Gunsite” 1911 .45 Series 70 firing system Smith & Alexander metal grip safety with palm swell Serrated flat mainspring housing Dehorned all around Thin rosewood grips Gold Cup serrations on front strap Heinie front and Novak rear sights Short aluminum trigger with 4 – 4½ lb pull Wilson extended safety lock Two 8-round Wilson magazines w/metal base plate McCormick hammer and sear by my side.

I had the ATN Digital Ultra Sight in his eye causing him to squint and the SOB had the nerve to laugh, while a 100 pound dog is making her presence known.  Then I realized how I must look; I’m standing there naked, with only a 898 Partagas cigar between my teeth and a big freaking pistol in my hand, yelling you ain’t getting none of the beer.

So, quick thinking told me this wasn’t a regular home invasion and this must be Art Palaian, who I’ve never met.  He was traveling through and could only stay a short time so I figured just showed up early.  Only a Combat Controller would in this situation.

So I yell out Art.  He says Ralph.  I say Art?  He says no, it’s Ralph...Ralph Thomas!

Ralph, that was one hell of a surprise………. Thank You!

I finally have the bike running and looking good and my first chance to enter it in a bike show.  Jill’s going to enter her’s too and we need to polish them.  I’m a few hours behind, but it’s not time to panic.  Get to work and quit whining.

Art Palaian shows up soon and what a breath of fresh air.  He met me with a case of beer, a watermelon, and a huge hug.

We got out the pictures, had a few beers and the stories started flying.  He talked about being at Art and Ruby Lawrence’s military wedding and about being roommates with Roger James and buds with Charlie Mason. 

He had a few good words to say about Bob Booth and how he just loved his time in CCT.  He mentioned how his wife doesn’t understand why he’d go out of his way to stop and meet some guy he doesn’t know.  He tried to explain about the brotherhood, but unless you were there, you just don’t understand.  We understood, I just wish Art could have stayed longer.

He has a Harley too and he made sure I got some polishing accomplished on my bike.  I told him meeting a Combat Controller was more important than the bike show and it didn’t matter.  I tried to bend his arm some to have him stay longer, but he had a schedule to keep…… Damn

This was a first; I’m sure most of you know I’m asking for donations, usually represented by the quantity of beers you’re purchasing for your friends.  Art is new to the bar and didn’t know about these programs, but actually brought a case of beer to the bar and said; “You be sure Roger James drinks one of those beers and knows where it came from!”

Art made a donation, as well as Ralph, I had them cornered.  Art, the watermelon was gone that night and the beer is chilling off for Roger to enjoy.

Art also left a glass from the 366 TFW, Da Nang, which we’ll pour some alcohol through too….. Thanks Art!

Coincidence and Roger James; Roger James has an eye for detail and noticed that SgtMacsBar had a huge injustice in age discrimination concerning our more mature CCTers.  He brought to my attention that the Blue Beret was not represented at the bar.

I agreed, a huge injustice, and searched for my old blue beret to no avail.  My memories failing, but I think I burned it in protest to giving it to the Security Police.  Roger sent me his beret……… Very Impressive!

The Blue Beret will be represented at SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser and Roger’s also bringing some Wisconsin Brats for chow on 22Sept.  Roger also donated the “Super Knife” as a free raffle prizes for all who donate.

I almost missed the Million Dollar Bike Show, but Jill got us signed in by 1400 and even though I got there a little late, I didn’t miss out. 

I had to ride that throbbing noise maker through the crowds pulling up in front of the other show bikes.  The sun was out in full force and all the flake in the bike was on fire.  The pipes were music to the ears and you could feel the rumble in your feet.  This had been a good day and after a few beers I was feeling good too.   Everyone knew I was there by the time I shut the Shovel Head down……………..

However, I wasn’t ready for this; I had just shut the beast down and this guy walks up and asks, “Are you Sgt Mac?”  He didn’t look like a terrorist, so I told him the truth and admitted to being Mike McReynolds.

He said my names Ron Bible, I was a Combat Controller.  Bullshit, now I’m looking for the cameras, this has got to be a joke.  So I said, so you’ve heard about Combat Control and he repeated he was a CCTer.

I had my Colt “Gunsite” 1911 .45 Series 70 firing system Smith & Alexander metal grip safety with palm swell Serrated flat mainspring housing Dehorned all around Thin rosewood grips Gold Cup serrations on front strap Heinie front and Novak rear sights Short aluminum trigger with 4 – 4½ lb pull Wilson extended safety lock Two 8-round Wilson magazines w/metal base plate McCormick hammer and sear tucked in the back of my pants and I released the safety.

He didn’t look like a terrorist, but I had some questions.  Like, how in the hell did you find me?  How did he know I was going to be at the bike show?  I need answers!

He says his name’s Ron Bible and he lives in Jefferson City, 30 miles south of Columbia.  He’s checked out SgtMacsBar A Combat Control * CCT * Hangout and saw my motorcycle on it.  He just recognized the bike when I rode in.

 Hey, come on now, I already I have a huge ego and I don’t need him filling my head any further.  I asked why he hadn’t called me and said even though he’d been to the website he didn’t know I was located in Columbia.  So now I’m to believe some CCTer recognizes my motorcycle from the website and just happens to run into me.

I find the above hard to believe, but after further interrogation, I put the safety back on my Colt, and we had a few beers together.  

I live in Columbia MO and saw 3 Combat Controllers in one day.  One was planned, another had my address, and one was just Coincidence…..... Shit Happens!

If you want it to happen, don’t miss SgtMacsBar Open House & Fun Raiser

I tried to call Dale Huddleston and was told the best way to find him was to get on the Internet and go to SgtMacsBar, he checks in there once in a while.

Marty Martinez offers up a good job opportunity for CCTers which I only passed on to you and posted on the website.  Marty received over 300 resumes, which is good, but they came from the whole spec op community and his intentions were to just assist a few CCTers with a good job opportunity. 

SgtMacsBar is getting a lot bigger then I ever imagined and it’s all because of you and your involvement.   The mission is to “Bring Us All A Little Bit Closer!” and it sure has brought me closer and from the thanks I’ve received, I think it’s brought you closer too.  I Love You Guys!

Follow Up; Roger drank a few of the beers Art left for him and they have since reunited and shared a few together!  That's what it's all about;

Bringing Us All A Little Bit Closer!