Got off to an early start with Roger James bringing down some Brats and Cheeses from Wisconsin.   These were special brats from Adam Servais' home town and they were special delivery, via BMW and Roger.........

How many brats will a BMW hold?  Enough!

Then Ron Bible and Toni show up for a brew..........

And Toni turns an old pirate into a Combat Control Stud...............

If you think the Open House is all about  chowing down and posing for pictures, you're WRONG!  We had to make Margaritas too...
5 Gallons  of Margaritas
I Have To Drink All That?

Well, If You Insist................

Special Thanks to The Friends of SgtMacsBar for making this and much more a reality, "Bringing Us All A Little Bit Closer!"

I Have A Dream

I’m not sure about you, but my favorite part of each reunion is the Hospitality Room.  I only come because you’re going to be there and I have a chance to share a few beers with you.  I got to thinking and figured that’s what most of you enjoy, the camaraderie.  There’s been good Hospitality Rooms, and then there’s some that are just too damn tight and the noise police are always harassing you.  I don’t like crowds, but I travel many miles to most CCT Gatherings because I’m anal and can’t get enough of you.

I just returned from the Nashville Mini Reunion and was glad to see the attendance and know that everyone had a great time.   Billie made me realize I’m passing up a good opportunity if I don’t take advantage of the Hospitality Room Factor and use it to our advantage.  SgtMacsBar is all about Hospitality and I figured I should give you an opportunity to judge for yourself; I’m from Missouri, “Show Me!”

What if I was to have an “Open House”; Entertain You, Feed You, and Inebriate You;

And The Only Cost Is Your Generosity?

How can I do this; because I know YOU!

My plan is to make everyone a winner and I’m asking you to participate and spread the word.  I have a plan, but will not implement it until I hear back from you; because without your participation, it’s only a plan.  Let me know if I should go forward…..

The plan is to have one huge Hospitality Room and make sure you want to spend your time there.  No, I won’t forget about the golfers because my intent is to have you come back in a couple years when we do this again.  If you don’t enjoy yourself, I’ve failed; and I don’t accept failure………

September is a beautiful time in Missouri and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities.  I’m always asked, “Is SgtMacsBar a real bar?”  I’ll leave that for you to decide, but to ensure you’re not butt to butt with your buddies, SgtMacsBar Auxiliary will be open expanding capacity to 200; or so the Fire Chief says, but I can fit more comfortably, if you promise not to report me.

SgtMacsBar/SgtMacsBar Auxiliary boast two full service bars, 24 deck levels, 10 water features, 8 person spa (swimsuits optional), fire pits, big screen presentations of CCT functions, and no noise police.   With that said, Let’s Party!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

It’s always Happy Hour at SgtMacsBar and I hope you can make it.  It’s also “Twilight Festival” downtown that evening, which would prove entertaining. 

Friday, September 22, 2006

Golf; You must contact me ASAP to schedule a Tee Time
Poker Run; Bring your motorcycle
Happy Hour
Smokin’ & Grilling…. Let’s Chow Down!
Dart Tournament 

Saturday, September 23 ,2006

Bloody Mary’s and Burritos 0900-1100
Golf; You must contact me ASAP to schedule a Tee Time
CCT Movies & Shows
Mizzou vs. Ohio Football Game; 1300, B-2 Flyover
Motorcycle Countryside Tour     Note; Jill’s Biker Gang will make an appearance….
All Guns And Attitudes Should Be Concealed, Both Brotherhoods
Poker Tournament
Wine Tasting
Curley Joe Harper Blues Band 1800-1900
Smokin’ Hermit Whole Hog Roast Banquet  1900-2030 (Cooked on site)
Curley Joe Harper Blues Band; 2030-2130
Bikini, Salsa Dance contest, and Moon Light Hot Tub by the Fire Pit  2200…. 

Bring a Business Card to enter free drawing for a lost “SgtMacsBar Gold Coin!”  Must be present to win………

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bloody Mary’s and Ursula Huddleston’s Hash Brown Casserole, who got the recipe from Shari Massengale, whose husband disowned me because I screwed up…. Sorry Again!

This Is Only My Dream

If you will help me make this a reality, let me know.  I’m not going to do this unless you tell me you’re ready to commit and I need your answer within the next two weeks.   The problem; Mizzou Football Game, hotels are filled up months in advance, so if this is going to happen, you’ll have to make reservations ASAP or get left behind.