Bob & Lou Overland, Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Bob and Lou Overland crashed SgtMac'sBar a while back on their way to New Orleans.  We had such a good time, we followed them to The Big Easy and continued the party with a few more comrades.  Then they stopped by for Memorial Day Practice Weekend, 2012.  This time, Jill and I are crashing Bob & Lou's............

Scotch - Scotch Tasting and McReynolds?
It seems Bob & Lou are Connoisseur's of the fine "Brown Spirit"

Connoisseur's of the fine "Brown Spirit"
only smoke Cubans

Rolled by Cubans, and only sip the Best Scotch Whisky

Fiona, the Scotch Wench

Jill fit right in with the "Scotch Tasters", however I just couldn't "Acquire the Taste."  I developed my own "Scotch Dance" and most didn't appreciate my inexperience with social grace.   It seems I wasn't in the right crowd, I had over-dressed for the occasion.  Most of the "Scotch-Men" wore dresses with matching hose and berets. They also sported "Sporran's", some with elegant hair designs and ordinate pins.  They also savored the nectar of the God's, while I swilled and made noises of agony.   I had to use some of Bob's nectar to recreate the Scotch Dance, it works every time.

Thanks Bob...... I really mean it

The Pictures Bob Never Saw Coming.......
Real Men Wear Dresses?

    I can't hold it anymore

When we weren't being Connoisseur's;
    It Was All Relaxation!

Among relaxing, Jill's cousin Rusty and his wife Sharon join us.  This reunion was 35 years in the making, thanks Bob & Lou!

Bob's Scotch Bar
7072 Jocelyn Alcove, Cottage Grove, MN. 55016    (651) 493-4738

We had a great time and if I wasn't drinking too much, I was eating too much.  Lou went out of the way to entertain and feed us, as well as to welcome Jill's relatives.  Minnie, Vinnie, and Bruiser got to beat up on "The Other Cat", so the whole family was included in the festivities.  In fact, we had such a good time, we've made plans for next year; as long as Bob doesn't wear his dress.............  see ya next year!