Last year I met a young man, Greg Walsh, and he told me he was going to be a Combat Controller.  I was interested in talking to him of course and let him know it was OK to dream, but that such statements could get him in trouble.  It didn't take long for him to convince me he would be a Combat Controller and I promised to be at his graduation.  He graduated on 14 September 2006 and this is my story;

Graduation was Thurs, the 14th and Jill decided to make a vacation out of the trip to Pope AFB.  We left that Saturday with plans to meet Dave & Mary Pearson at Razcals Restaurant and Lounge.  On the way we were going to make a quick stop in to see Ruth Abee and we never completed the mission.

Once we left the highway, we got lost.  Jill made me pull over and ask some ladies for directions and they informed me I was lost and to go back the way I came.  Luckily we found some other people and they too pointed us in the right direction.  We ended up back at the highway where we started and I was starting to get concerned.

I had also made another mistake, I forgot about the time change, so I was already an hour behind and lost.  I stopped and called Ruth, but her phone was busy.  I waited until I couldn't take it any longer and called again, busy.

I made a tactical decision and departed for the next fix.  We were also suppose to connect up with James Howell and his squeeze Margo.   We made the safe house a little late, but we were forgiven and the party ensued.

Dave is the owner of Razcals Restaurant and Lounge where we feasted and consumed mass quantities of libations on Dave's tab.  Dave and Mary also entertained us, as they were the featured entertainment that night.


The next day we met up with Dave's sister Nancy and her husband Terry.  They also just happen to be next door neighbors.  Chief James and I, along with our bed warmers were staying at Dave and Mary's Bed and Breakfast.  We came here for FUN and last night was just the start!  We saddled up the bikes and headed for the mountains.  Did I tell you Razcals Restaurant and Lounge is in Asheville, NC and the Smokey Mountains?  We hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and ran into many other bikers also enjoying the mountains.


After many hours of riding up and down and around and through, we found all the rain we were missing in Missouri and we were experiencing the  drastically lower temperatures in the higher elevations of the mountains.  I don't ride my bike in the rain or cold, but when I went through one of the many tunnels, and you know how sh*t happens.... it was all over me.  Then Dave said he knew a hillbilly in the area and we could dry off.  Dave's navigation wasn't any better than mine and we rode around lost forever and just when I didn't think we could get any lost-er..... who do you think we found?

If you guessed J.P. Lagerloef, you're right.  The ole' hillbilly is shacking up with Sharon in a part time home on some lost lake, right where we needed saving.   We all took our clothes off to dry, including J.P., and then sat to chow down on some Brats, drown in some beers, and tell lies......  We were having FUN......Again!      Thanks J.P.!

Somewhere before we had too much to consume, and in between the pelting rain showers, and sometime before dark.... we stumbled back to our bikes and raced off.  I almost forgot to put my clothes back on...............  OK, I'm not sure how we got back, but I know it was a lot quicker and dryer than the way we got there, where ever we were.

That night we spent a wild evening at Dave and Mary's Bed & Breakfast and chowed down on steak,scallops, and tators.  Dave and Mary have a few dogs and the little beast (Buddha)  wanted a piece of Vinnie & Minnie.  Of course we were so lucky, Minnie had just gone into heat, go figure.  We had a house full and they never complained?  The next morning we saddled up again.  Jim and Margo were heading home on their bike's and we were going for one more day of riding in the mountains..........

Before splitting up, we visited Razcals Restaurant and Lounge one more time and snapped a picture in front of the Hero Wall Dave constantly  updates.  The bar was closed, but I know the owner and I snagged another beer before we left.

I don't know how many of you have been to Asheville, NC., but I certainly recommend the visit.  Not only are Dave and Mary great hosts, but the mountains and countryside are just beautiful.  I certainly thank you guys for all the hospitality and recommend all of you stop by Razcals Restaurant and Lounge for a drink and dinner.  You may get lucky and see MisBehaving!  I Did......................


Just a short story; I have this huge Indian friend named Rudy and I only mention he's Indian because he thinks the White Man is persecuting his people.   So, I was surprised when he went out West to visit his people and returned with a gift for me.  We smoked the Peace Pipe and he told me the gift would travel with me and bring much pleasure.   I didn't understand, but that's normal operating procedure for me.

I packed the gift for this trip, not knowing it was meant to be.   After spending some time with Dave and Mary, lots of time consuming multiple beverages at Razcals Restaurant and Lounge , I pulled out the gift and was going to use it, but suddenly a light came on and I knew what the gift was meant for; it wasn't for me, but Dave and Mary.

I presented it to Dave and Mary and I'm sure Mary had an orgasm on the spot.  She clenched hers hands and started screaming, "That's It, That's It!", then she started jumping up and down and screaming, "That's It, That's It!", then she ran outside.

Actually, I thought Dave would be more excited, but Mary didn't even give him a chance to enjoy it.   She stayed up all night with it coming up with idea's on how to use it.......
The next morning you could still see the glow in Mary's face and we remembered what Rudy had said about "bringing much pleasure."

I couldn't quite understan
d what she was saying,  but she sure was happy and I finally understood that this is what she needed and had been wanting for a long time.    Hell, Dave had a smile on his face too, so I guess it worked.

They're thinking about naming it Rudy!