The shirt I'm wearing above says; "Save the drama for your Mama!"   But, that damn bitch fractured my rib; just kidding.  Oh, she fractured it OK, she's just not a bitch.  I may have had a few to drink and was hanging onto the back of a golf cart.  It seems the cart changed direction and I wanted to continue on straight.  After achieving 3 or 4 g's, I was ripped from the cart and sent rolling down the pavement.   My Combat Control Training saved me from certain disaster as I tucked and rolled with the force.  Shortly there after I was loaded into the cart, this time up front, and was ambulanced back to Mom's for treatment.

I was bleeding from the head, an elbow, my butt, and my calf.  Road rash, nothing to worry about, I was given a beer and patched up, no problems!
Butt Kissing Toe Sucking Loving Care

All is well......... except for the pain in my side.  There wasn't a bruise, so I figured I'd just tuff it out.  About the time we started heading back to Missouri, I realized my side wasn't feeling any better.  On the way back the guys kept my drinking glasses filled with medicine, Mike Dale even had some home made stuff, and I was able to make it back to Columbia.   The first thing I did when we got home was to get in  the other car and head for the VA Hospital.   They confirmed what I had already figured out, it was my rib.  They had some guard escort me to the pharmacy and they gave me some narcotics.

Sure wish I wasn't such a tough bastard, I could have used those narcotics much earlier.   I know, I Know; "Save the drama for my Mama!"

It was a wonderful vacation and a great time, you made it that way.  I want to thank you putting up with Minnie, Vinnie, and Bruiser, and Jill wants to thank you for putting up with me.  Really, thanks for taking such good care of us and making us feel like family!  See you next year?