Vegas Baby.... Las Vegas 2012  CCT Mini-Reunion

Special Thanks to the South Point Hotel & Casino, plus Racing Team

It all started with the neighbors and wife wishing me a farewell while swallowing some Jose Cuervo Black, present from Charlie Mason.  Vegas is happening and Jill can't take off work yet, so Ray and Connie Long are picking me up on their way.   We'll make a stop over at Bob Miller's getting into Vegas the next day where I'll meet my brother, Buddy.  Afterwards Buddy and I head back to Yuma and meet Jill, with plans to see Linda Crate.

Above; The Flight Surgeon, Fred and Trica Garcia, Jill McReynolds, Alyce and Jim Cooley all wishing Jill a Happy Birthday, while sending me off to Las Vegas with Ray and Connie.

Vegas Baby;Road Trip, Ray & Connie Long Pick Me Up

Vegas Baby.... We Bivouacked in Pueblo West, CO. with Bob Miller

Vegas Baby.... Las Vegas Pawn Stars Welcome Us

Above; Ray Long, Mike McReynolds, and brother Buddy McReynolds meets us in Vegas.
Below; Mike McReynolds, Lari Mirabile, Dink Dalton, AD Troop, Sean McPartland, AD Troop, and Tony DiGiacomo

Above; Lari Mirabile, Corrine Heidemann, and Tony DiGiacomo  Players; Chris Larkin, ?, Joe O'Keefe, Roger Jennrich, Sean McPartland, Charlie Granda, and Tom Watson.
Below; Texas Holdem and Bobby Bear

Below; Sean McPartland, Scotty Light, Roger Jennrich, Joe O'Keefe, and Kyle Stanbro.................ALWAYS THERE!

Above; The winner of the Texas Holdem was Don Goodner - former Recon Marine/Honorary CCT.  Don was stationed with Mark Nevatt (above) Norton Combat Control Team. Don's first time playing (so he says).  Don donated his winnings to the SOWF.  Runner up was last years winner Hap Saunders.  Hap also donated his winnings to the SOWF.                                                                                                                    Below; Chris Larkin, Boss Man
Above; Connie Long tries on some gear and top right is Chris Larkin.
Below; Lari Mirabile, Mike McReynolds and Bobby Bear

Brothers; Mike & Buddy McReynolds  Dave Smith and his Brother......we're all family!
Below; Mike McReynolds and Dee Brawley

Below; Ray Bolinger, Mike McReynolds, and Mark Nevatt, Kyle Stanbro in back

Vegas Baby...... Las Vegas ...... Too Much FUN!