Vegas Baby.... Las Vegas 2012  TOO MUCH FUN!
Leaving Las Vegas early in the morning, wheeling my brother, Buddy, out to the van.  He hadn't been feeling well and I drove him back to Yuma and the Hospital Emergency Room.  He had Walking Pneumonia and some kinda of heart problem requiring a Pace Maker.  So, I'm on vacation, Buddy's hospitalized.... what to do?  Believe it or not. Steve Flock flies his plane down from 29 Palms to pick me up and fly me back to his hacienda.  

Steve and JoAnne Flock not only treated me great, we found out Rick Akset was in the area and had him over too.
Then I'm back to Yuma and Kyle Felix jumps in for a SOWF Golf Tournament

Above; Luke and Abby Van Dorston, Mike McReynolds, and , Linda Crate
Below, Luke, Brooks, and Abby Van Dorston

 Jill McReynolds, Linda Crate, Bobby Bear, and Mike McReynolds
Invade Mexico

We drink Margaritas as big as my head and visit my favorite store.  These guys are brothers and besides being good guys, they always have tequila too.  Today they get me drunk and sell me a Hippopotamus.         (just what I needed)

 The Birthday Girl, Kathryn Akset, Rick Throws a PARTY

Rick Akset, Mike McReynolds, and Kathryn Akset.  We might be having FUN.  Below is Scott Innis, ?, Rick Akset and Jill McReynolds

Above; Mark and Kathy Jacobson  and Linda Crate and Buddy McReynolds.
Below; Bobby Bear, I'm going to have to get him a Date Book, and Linda Crate.   Mark Jacobson, Mike McReynolds, and Kathy Jacobson

Luke and AbbyAbove;  Van Dorston     ? and Linda Crate, end of my trip and time to say Good Bye.  There's never enough time, but I'll be back last week of March 2013.