1973/74 General Bobby Bear made 21 jumps from a C-141 at NorthField, SC.
Roy "Germ" Kitchen
was his trainer, jumpmaster, and caretaker;
 Click Here For The Generals Jump Orders.


Germ Retired, Major General Bobby, to SgtMac'sBar and he's reverted back his THE WILD DAYS

Above, Jill McReynolds gets a giggle as Sylvia Drozdowski  helps the General quench his thirst.

Below; Dan Callender makes "Eye Contact" with the General while giving him a Jump Master Check.
Above; Nothing gets by Dan Callender, as he eyeballs the General while giving him a Jump Master Check.

Below; The General prepares for a jump, however his static line has been mis-routed.
Above; Mike McReynolds," Old Dog" Roger James, and Charlie Mason suit up the General.  There may have been some drinking involved and an Accident Report has been forwarded to HQ. SgtMac'sBar.  NO ACTION REQUIRED

Viva Las Vegas....... Las Vegas Mini Reunion, March 2012; South Point Hotel and Casino

Above; The General joins in on some Texas Poker with Hap Saunders wearing the blue hat, the Sheila dealing, Joe O'Keefe, Chris Larkin, General Bobby Bear, Mark Nevatt, Charlie Granda standing, Kyle Stanbro, and The back of Sean McPartland's head... First There!

Below; The General uses his skills to help Lari Mirabile Win the JACKPOT!

Above; Steve Flock takes The General up for a jump at Twenty Nine Palms, CA
Below; The General HAHO's into Mexico for a Margarita with Linda Crate and Mike McReynolds

Bandito's Abscond with The General and want John Wayne's Rifle in trade.
The General  has called for death before dishonor and asks all of you to remember The Alamo!

Our Government has promised not to get involved and President Obama has apolijized for The General's illegal entry into Mexico.  Even if he was acting as an American Agent, drinking Margaritas on duty is not allowed under US Art. 2512-2, therefore The General is on his own.  Again, I need your help!

Donations will be used to hunt down Olso Negro and 100% Agave!
We will confiscate their Tequila and Women, Then drink to The General's Return!
Has anyone seen or know the where abouts of the scoundrel, Olso Negro?

Olso Negro was trained by the US State Department to handle sensitive situations, but has since become the situation.  He is known to smoke Cubanos and enjoy American Senoritas.  He lost part of an ear during a "Mexican Dog Fight", the pit bull lost.  He has worked with American Special Forces and is rumored to have even attended Combat Control School as a foreign military student.

Negro may have had help from "The Americano" known to be in the area and cell phone records indicate a connection.  The Americano is know to be bald, dangerous, and armed, do not approach!   If seen, do not try to apprehend alone, but join us again, as we;

Remember the Alamo, and promise the SAFE return of The General!

Has anyone seen Bobby Bear?.... email me; SgtMacsBar@aol.com