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Cheer for Brendan during the NASCAR Camping Truck Series race on 29 July 2011 7:30 PM, (televised on Speed Channel) in Indianapolis, Indiana. His #62 truck will be sporting a camo paint job adorned with a CCT logo on the hood, AFSOC logo on the trunk and the Green Feet and Lightning Bolt logo on the rear bumper. He’s going with the special paint scheme to pay tribute to CCT/ST and his friend, MSgt Phil Freeman (who is retiring in August)… Phil will be his guest at the race.

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Brendan’s Dad, Michael Gaughan, is an honorary commander of the USAF Weapons School at Nellis and he owns the South Point Hotel & Casino. Like his Dad, Brendan has been an avid supporter of the military and has even done tours downrange. He is particularly supportive of AFSOC and ST. In past years he has attached the CCT, AFSOC, ST, and Special Operations Warrior Foundation logos on his trunk lid in tribute to those organizations… and at no cost to the AF.

He’s been such an avid supporter of CCT that he was nominated and confirmed as an Affiliate Life Member of the Combat Control Association. You’ll often see him wearing his CCT ball cap around the track and in driver’s meetings, etc. He finished third in the race at Kentucky last week and is ranked #10 in the overall standings..... Wayne Norrad

Another CCT Design
Sporting the 123rd

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Those Slicks Are?

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Sometimes You Just Get Lucky!

Craftsman Truck Series Driver, Brendan Gaughan, will be sporting the CCT Flash on the tailgate of his #77 truck in the Bristol, TN, race on Wednesday, 23 August 2006.  Brendan is friends with Phil Freeman and often goes to the Nellis Range with him.  Brendan offered to put Adam's picture or In Memory of Adam, on his truck for this race, but we were not able to coordinate with Adam's family in time.  In any case, let’s root for Brendan tomorrow -- he'll also be wearing a CCT hat when not in his helmet.

Gaughan on CCT: “The Combat Control Team is a branch of the Special Forces of the military. They’re the guys that have to sit on the ground and do the hard work. They’re the guys that get there and get buried into a place and stay there for awhile. They’re the guys you don’t get to hear about or talk about much. Out here at Nellis Air Force Base with the A-10 school that we do so much with, there are a couple of those guys that teach at the A-10 school. So we’ve had a chance to meet a couple of those guys. They’re a pretty strange, odd group of men but they’re fun to hang out with. They’re another branch of the military that we don’t get to hear much about that we want to make shout out to.”

Mooresville, N.C. (July 27, 2011)Brendan Gaughan is a person who thrives on being very busy. It makes one wonder why Gaughan doesn’t love all short track racing as much as he loves what .686-mile Indianapolis Raceway Park has to offer. Gaughan didn’t grow up racing short tracks as many of his fellow NASCAR Camping World Truck Series competitors, so, the style of racing simply isn’t natural to him. But, IRP’s high-groove, high-action racing converts Gaughan into a huge short track fan once per season.

“I really hope it is not the last NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Indianapolis Raceway Park. That would really kill me. The two short tracks I really have run the best at – one being Memphis, which is off the schedule, and now this possibility of no more IRP races…Hopefully they don’t take it off the schedule. It’s a great track, with a high groove. It fits my style. We’ve always had good runs there. Hopefully it’s not the last event. If it is, I wanna go out with a bang and go out with a ‘W’ in our Air Force Combat Control Team Tundra,” said Gaughan.

Gaughan normally displays the black, red and gold colors of South Point Hotel & Casino on his No. 62 Toyota. For IRP, his truck will be low-profile in camouflage with a big, personal meaning.

“Our paint scheme on the No. 62 Tundra this week is going to feature the Air Force Combat Control Team. Master Sergeant Phillip Freeman, whose call-sign is ‘PIMP,’ is retiring in early August after many years of active duty and many tours. I’m really excited to do this with him, and with the Combat Controllers. It’s a full-camo paint scheme. My dad, myself, the South Point Hotel & Casino—we all do a lot to be involved with the military. We appreciate the military. If we can get a ‘W’ with the special paint scheme we might have to run it more than once,” said Gaughan.

Watch Gaughan in the No. 62 Air Force Combat Control Team Tundra on SPEED on Friday, July 29th. Qualifying airs at 4:30 PM ET. Live race coverage begins with the NCWTS Setup at 7:00 PM Eastern followed by live racing at 7:30 PM. Not in front of a TV? Tune your radio to your local MRN affiliate.

Germain Racing has earned two championship titles in the Truck Series. The Toyota team owns 22 victories and 9 pole awards in the series that continues to grow ratings on SPEED. For more information on Germain Racing, visit or follow the team on Twitter @GermainRacing.

Brendan Gaughan holds eight Truck Series victories to go along with his two K&N Pro Series West championship titles. He currently ranks 11th in the 2011 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver’s points standings.

Follow Gaughan at or on Twitter @Brendan62.

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