Combat Controllers and Their Toys!

The Evolution of SgtMac'sBar Motorcycle Slide Show
Click on either of the two presentations below to enjoy my bike.
I bought this @ Pope AFB in 1980 with my re-enlistment bonus.
Click Above To Watch The Evolution of SgtMac'sBar Bike Click Above To See Up-Grades; 2010, 30 Years Old!

Above Left; Jim Cody, Tony Gray, Stan Braxton, Jim Oeser, Steve Miller, Gary Lantrip, Ray Benjamin, Jim Lyons, and Ron Childress
Above Right; Mitch Bryant, John Koren, Mike Lampe, Bud Gonzalez, Monkey West, Coach Carney, Bill Sink, Rex Wollmann, and Doug Kohee

Below are the photo galleries of the Boys & Their Rides.....
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The North West Loop Ride
organized by Rob "The Pitt"  Pittman

The South West Loop Ride
organized Mark Nevatt