Above; Steve Flock couldn't be more styling.................
Dave Fahey Cops Bike in Mogadishu

"Those Air Force guys will ride anything to keep from walking!"

Above; Greg Walsh punishes his butt while trying to hang on to his machine.   No bullshit here, let's RIDE............
Below; James Glaser shows up at SgtMac'sBar for the 4th of July 2011 and we do some riding.

If you're looking for Don Karpowich, he's riding his 2005 V-Star 650 Silverado in the hills along the Delaware River.
Below; J.D. Burch rides the Philippine Special.  Saves a lot on hospital bills and DUI's'  +  senior citizen discount.

Ralph Thomas, 2006 Police Road King
leading "2013 Cierney's Ride"
benefit run in Brookfield, MO.

Send pictures of your ride....