Larry Clausen's a styling on his Boss Hoss and getting good use of the back seat....

Rick Cheek's Always a Winner!      We Don't Get Old, We Just Ride Trikes.........

Jill McReynolds, CCA; LA-0876 is always a winner too!  1st Place Sporty, National Biker Roundup; 2010

Doug Kimme's patrolling the streets of Champaign and state of Illinois in style!

Below, Andy Hale traded his Ducati in for a cantankerous, BIG DOG PITBULL

Above, Mike Naylor has no problems flying through the mountains of New Mexico.

Roger and Yvonne Hoggatt just tied the knot and celebrate with a new toy between their legs.

Doug Kimme, see above; New paint job, graphics, and custom accessories!

Above; C. Ray Long and his Silver Slut   and I don't know what this is below, but Steve Farnum rides it

Send pictures of your ride....