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Combat Control Class 02-02

Backrow: Neil Amonson, Jared Antoni, David Overton, Derek Argel, Garrett Dawson, Joe Pearcy, Dave Campbell

Frontrow: Ryan Hoffman, Graham Salonus, Ramses Porrata, Greg Arbogast

I can only claim I, Mike McReynolds, had a great time attending own new warriors graduation!  For more graduation pictures, click here.

Note, All names are protected for security reasons; The leader was Tarek, I think I've seen him on TV, and Greg Walsh was next in line....oops;  L.T. Steve, Sgts Marty and Dan with Mason and Bruce close behind.  The work horses Rick, Dwight, John, and Joshua and the poor guys at the bottom who worked the hardest.......... Greg and Alan!  Congratulations.