They're thinking about naming it Rudy!
and Now For the rest of the story.....
It seems Dave and Mary had been looking for just the right Raccoon to represent Razcals Restaurant and Lounge  in their Razcals Clothing Line and the Tee Shirt I passed on, just happened to be the perfect shot of "The Raccoon" they were looking for.   They had the manufacturers name and were talking designs and little raccoon footprints and how it was just so wonderful.......... and then I told them about Rudy.

It's some weird Indian Stuff and I don't quite understand it, but smoking the Peace Pipe every time Rudy tries to explain it sure puts a smile on my face as he tells me how he saw the Raccoon in his Fathers corn fields and thought it would be much better off in the mountains......  

Now you know the rest of the story............. They're thinking about naming it Rudy!

We hated leaving, but graduation was close and Tom and Glenda Allen were waiting for us.  Wouldn't  you know it'd be raining, however that didn't stop me from enjoying the Hot Tub or from Tom cooking us up some huge steaks!

We also got to visit with a few more friends and then graduation was upon us.................

Class 06-03 Has The Stuff It Takes To Wear The Scarlet Beret!   HooYa!!!

I'm proud to introduce CCT Class 06-03 and our newest Combat Controllers Note, All names are protected for security reasons; The leader was Tarek, I think I've seen him on TV, and Greg Walsh was next in line....oops;  L.T. Steve, Sgts Marty and Dan with Mason and Bruce close behind.  The work horses Rick, Dwight, John, and Joshua and the poor guys at the bottom who worked the hardest.......... Greg and Alan!  Congratulations.

Somehow I was able to escape with this photo of an "Unnamed Warrior" being awarded a huge medal for some secret mission that we'll never know about.   I was only allowed to leave with the photo because our warrior was wearing a beard and is due to put a smile on his face soon. 

When the citation was read, there were no smiles in this room, for this warrior earned his award through his un erring mission to destroy the enemy as they surely would have him and his fellow warriors.  Violence is not pretty and these men are on the front lines at Death's Front Door; That's why they're called Warriors!