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Instructors: Billie Slayton, Wayne Norrad, Mike Steinbeck, Ron Holder, and Don Rogers;    Back Row : L to R : Dale Anderson, Rick Quigley, Dave Harrington,  Tom Regal,  John Bringoff, Roger Hoggatt, and John McNeill;   Front Row L to R:     Tony Tino, Wes Shulyer, Steve Polofka , Don Twigg, and  Mike Head

Harry Reese (Support), Jerry Jones, Mike McReynolds, Algernon Corbett, Mike Marino, RW the Pooch, Billy Howell, Daniel Jones, Howard Gray, and Willie Poindexter (Support)

1st Pope AFB Combat Control School Class 80-1

Brad Glade, Tim Scherer, John Glowacki, Bob Stephan, Mike Crawford, Manny Oesterling, James Cusson, Kurt Corley, Dave Libby, Ed Berry, Bob Overland, Craig Brotchie, Mike Nazionale, Tim Woods, Joe Washington, Steve Busby, Ralph Thomas, and Ron Bracken............... picture sent by Mike Marino; Instructor

Carlos Almengor, Jeff Caleb, Terry Mason, Ed Clark, Greg Capps, Al Avalo, Russ Dodd, Lawrence "Marty" Martinez, Donald Karpowich, Joe Ray, ?, Hector Rivera, Mike Bransten, Stan Braxton, & Dave Hollister

Jose Feliu, Tony Snodgrass, Albert L. Money III, and Randy Curl ** Laz Salinas, Emilio Martinez, Jim Hunter, James Harrell, and Dana Geary

Above; Chad Giesige's graduation jump and Harley riders from the Two Four visiting with Chad Giesige.

Manny Marquez, Rex Wollmann, Joe Santor, Colonel Joe Jackson, Vinnie Venturella, Dave Shnoor, Anthony Canterberry, Jorge Ibarra, and Paul Durst;  Kneeling; Jace Walters, Chris Matero, Rick Hopfauf, and Scott Nowlin

Above; Eric Ray, ? Roskom, Brian Luttel, and Darren Johnson ***** Bud Lubin, Christopher Lankert, Paul Goebel, and Jason Phillips

Above; Darren Johnson, Christoper Lankert, Eric Ray, Paul Goebel, ? Roskom, Bud Lubin, Brian Luttrell, and Jason Phillips

Above; Eric Ray, Jason Phillips, Brian Luttrel, Christopher Lankert, Darren Johnson, Bud Lubin, Paul Goebel, and ? Roskom