Only considering your comfort again, I installed an 8 foot umbrella, until Capt.  Jill blows it off screaming full throttle upwind.      

It's just too big, where did I hear that one before?  To get this huge umbrella to shade you properly, I had to install it where it laid down 1/2 way up the engine scoop and blocked the rod box.  Unacceptable, but remember; "No Problems. Only Solutions!"  I put in a rear support and now can stow the top out of the way.  This boat is really putting a strain on my brain's abilities!

It's just too big, where did I hear that one before?  We named the boatafter the assumtion that "it doesn't get any better then this!"  However, looking at my1st graphic for the boat name, RiverPro was just too big!   I ripped everything off and had the base done in Metallic Silver and then a Bright Red overlay.  Of course "The Other Side" is bigger, everyone ends up spending time there.........................

You talk about HIGH SPEED; the Helix 12 has a GPS, the white Humminbird Puck is a GPS for the 360 Imaging, and the white Minn Kota Puck is a GPS for the Ulterra Trolling Motor........ 3 GPS's within an 18 foot boat.

Then you saw Helix 12 sonar mounted at the rear of the boat and in the top right of the above picture are 2 more sonars.  One is the 360 Imaging and then to the right of it is the Ulterra sonar within the 3 screws.

Then I had to install the 4 switches to control power and which sonars the Helix 12 is reading.  I use the Ulterra sonar to slay crappie and the other 2 two pull whatever I want outta the river!

Even with all the GPS and Sonar I added a Spotlight for BowFishing.  I can see them on radar, but my Crossbow can't.   The spotlight fits right into the boats bow navigation socket and it's remote controlled.

I had to stress my abilities AGAIN, just to find out the center piece won't work and needs Macgyvering....

I had to drill and tap matching holes in my steering hub, then re-thread the screws to fit standard threading.  Then I demolished the horn so it would fit inside the hub and found the one CCT Coin that fit in my horn modification.   So now I have a snazzy custom steering wheel, type R, for Racing that's worth PRIMO BUCKS for a bit of Brain Strain.  Also in this picture, you can see I've routed my BlueTooth Microphone just inside the bottom left of the Custom CCT Racing Steering Wheel...... Diabolical!