Special Thanks to Sean McPartland, Scotty Light, Joe O'Keefe, & Kyle Stanbro

Below; Teammates in Viet Nam 66-67. First time seeing each other in the 47 years since.
Tom Thaanum, Ken Seeger, John Riley, Lari Mirabile (Widow of Donnie Mirabile, a good friend and Teammate) Gary Harwell, Charles Clow, and Wayne "Dink" Dalton. 

Our new "Biker Chick Lari" left these guys in the dust after she went riding with Kyle Stanbro and the SW Loop Guys.  She decided she needed her own Harley and is taking applications for somebody to ride her...........

Above; Joe O'Keefe, Dave Smith, Kyle Stanbro, Mark Nevatt, Rob Somer, Shaun Rice, and Lance Urenda
Below; Dink Dalton, Mark Nevatt, Rob Somer, Donnie Botterbusch, Matt McMenamin, Mark Jacobson, Jim Charvet, & Dave Smith

Above; Mark Nevatt, Donnie Botterbusch, Mark Jacobson, & Dave Smith

Above; Gary Harwell, Mike McReynolds, Matt McMenamin, & John Riley

Above; Al Huddleston, Wayne "Dink" Dalton, and Mark Nevatt
Above; Tom Watson, Doug Thiel, and Les Hall

Above; Dale Anderson, Dee Brawley, Gary Harwell, Mrs. Nevada, Charile "Lucky" Clow, Kyle Stanbro, and Mark Nevatt
Above; Wayne Norrad, Joe O'Keefe, and  "Tailpipe" Tommy McHale

Above; Dave Duell, Chris "Mr. Diligent" Larkin, and Justin Barrera
Above; Kyle Stanbro, "Biker Chick Lari" Mirabile, and Tom Royer

Above; Rich Quigley, Matt McMenamin, and Lance Urenda

Above; Dave Smith, Jim Penticoff, and Jan McHale

Donnie Botterbusch, Shaun Rice, and Jeff Marshall

Above; Texas Hold'Em, #3 Al Huddleston, #2 Kyle Stanbro, and #1 is Joe O'Keefe
Last years winner, Doug Thiel passed the trophy on, but in all pictures of Joe with the trophy, he had his eyes closed or was crying.  All 3 winners donated their winnings back.

Above; Tom Royer, Mike McReynolds, Mike McReynolds, and Dave Smith

Above; Tom Watson, Bill Burr, Mike McReynolds, and Pete Roberts
Above; Ken Seeger, Tom Thaanum, Charlie Clow, Jon and Joel Seeger

Above; Doug Thiel, Denise McCarthy, Kyle Stanbro, Mark Nevatt, Charlie Granda, & Chris Larkin

Above; Charlie Granda, Jim Charvet, and Sean McPartland

Dee Brawley, CCT Quilter Extraordinaire
Above; Dee Brawley, Kyle Stanbro, and "Biker Chick Lari".  Kathy Jacobson, Dave Smith, and Mark Jacobson, a previous recipient of The Price of Freedom Quilt.

In Front of Caesars Palace we saw JESUS; Pete Roberts, Dave Smith, and Mike McReynolds
Dave wanted to throw JESUS in the water to see if he could walk on water too, video below.................


Special Thanks to Sean McPartland, Scotty Light, Joe O'Keefe, & Kyle Stanbro