Thanks to The Friends of SgtMacsBar, we were able to treat some very special people to lunch.  The luncheon was but a tool to get these people in one place where there were no formalities and they could relax and enjoy each others company.   It almost worked too well, as it took me forever after numerous request to take a seat, for everyone to finally sit.  The luncheon was already a huge success and it hasn't even started...........

I planned on 70 people and we had 67 finally seated when Bill and Linda Frankenberger showed up from the golf  tournament leaving one seat for Pete Roberts who was also in the tournament, bringing the total to 70.  The first thing on the agenda was lunch, and while waiting for our seafood, I passed out some fortune cookies Dan and Annie Kennedy gave me when they visited SgtMacsBar.  

They also came with strict instructions; Read the fortune outloud and add the words "in bed" at the end of the fortune.  Adding the words "in bed" made for some very interesting fortunes and a few laughs.  Guys, we were having a good time and I want to thank everyone involved again.  Bob Blowers slipped me a Hamilton to make sure Valerie Chapman could eat anything she wanted, and that girl can eat!

I might have screwed up because the kids didn't attend the luncheon, but I think they were having more fun at the beach.  We were lucky to meet them and I  want  everyone to know the kids are certainly welcomed guests and their lunch is on The Friends of SgtMacsBar.  I also want to thank Red Ghormley for all the pictures you're viewing.

Pictured below are Pete and Sue Servais, Dave and Cora Wilson, Linda Crate, and Bill Covington.

Busted; If I'm not mistaken, that's Sherry Fresques helping Linda Crate with her luncheon check?  Now I told them lunch was on The Friends of SgtMacsBar and I'm seeing now I'll have to keep an eye on her next year.  The ladies repeatedly told me they could afford lunch, they just wanted the company and a picture is worth a thousand words...........  Ironic? Linda is also a Friend of SgtMacsBar!

Thanks to all the money Linda donated to 
The Friends of SgtMacsBar and then saved us by purchasing her own lunch, were going to be able to afford to take our extended family members out to lunch next year and I'm going to coordinate with the CCA to make this an event at all CCA Reunions.... all thanks to Linda!   Thank You Linda, you done good......