I'm glad everyone had a great time and loved their meals which was obvious with all the thanks I received.  Of course, I let them know I was only the Bartender and the lunch was on The Friends of SgtMacsBar.  After lunch I gave everyone a chance to leave before I took the floor and went on with the boring stuff.  They're lucky none left, because there was no boring stuff, it was all FUN!

The first thing I did was screw up.  I forgot my protocol and my logical thinking was off.  I asked two men to say a few words and I asked them specifically because they were both Commanders and involved with the families when their sons were KIA.  Of course I'm talking about Ken Rodriguez and Marc Stratton, Marc being lucky and only having one family, the Servais' to express ours and their loss.

In my thinking, Ken dealt with more families, so he should say a few words first.  I was wrong, as Marc said, "How do you follow a person like Ken?"  You don't and it was my mistake and I apologize to Marc in front of everyone for putting you in such a situation.  However, Marc over came my fubar and was able to bring us all a little bit closer through his words.

Marc, our CCT Group Commander, also spoke the next day at the CCT Memorial  and dedication for Adam Servais.... HooYa Sir, I Salute You!

You guys are so lucky, Jill made me promise not to make any speeches because she wasn't there to cut me off, so you were spared having to listen to me listening to myself.  However, I got to do something much more fulfilling and pass out gifts, again, thanks to The Friends of SgtMacsBar.

The first thing I did was spend some of their money with the Combat Control School Association and purchase some CCT Pendants which I passed out to all the ladies that have lost loved ones, just a small token to remind them that we are family and we CARE!

Nick and Sherry Fresques also were the Grand Winners for the SgtMacsBar Open House raffle and they selected an Eagle Print Original from Art Lawrence.  I also gave Linda Crate the Handcrafted Pen and Case Gene Harris made.  Bob Eubank won the prize and wanted Linda to have it.  I gave Pete and Sue Servais a print of  the drawing Jeff Clemens made for SgtMacsBar in honor of Adam Servais.  I also gave them an autographed Curley Joe Harper CD donated by Hector Jones.

Deb Argel Bastian received the above plaque to show our support in her battles to honor Derek.  Pictured above is Wendy Argel, Sherry Fresques, Deb Argel Bastian, Lindsey Fresques, and Lind Crate.  Not to forget about Todd Bastian, Bob Azeltine stuffed his pocket with some Partagas 898's.  Roy Jordan  also donated some cigars for our active duty warriors, thanks guys!

I put together a compilation of songs to remind us why we're at war and that will make you mad with anger, swell with pride, and maybe even laugh; but it will make you remember.  The CD is excellent, but what made them special was the inscribing.  Each CD was Laser Cut with an image of their lost one and the words, I Won't Forget.   When I gave out the first one, there was a big Ahhhh or Ohhhhh, or whatever it was; it made my work worthwhile.  The girls were good to me and I got an Ahhhh or Ohhhhh from all of them.

The luncheon was a great success, but it didn't have anything to do with lunch, we just had FUN and it was all because of the company.  I look forward to doing this every year and hope to see you at our next luncheon.  Damn that girl can eat.........................

Special Thanks to The Friends of SgtMacsBar

and Red Ghormley for the photographs..........

Sometimes when I'm feeling down, I'll put the above mentioned CD in the stero and crank it up.  Half way through the CD I'll be feeling pretty mellow and by the end I'm all fired up and ready to kick Butt!  It's a bit to download, but for a short time I'm making it available to you.  Just click anywhere around here and you'll be able to download it in a zip file and make your own CD.  Enjoy!