Nashville Mini Reunion........... 2011
Special thanks to Billy Slayton, Tim McCann, and Bill Covington

I don't want to miss any chances to get together with the guys as they age.  As I look at these guys below, I see; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...... and then I realize the only one with hair is Bob Graham and if I'm not mistaken, he recently won the oldest Combat Controller Award at another CCT Reunion......... So Bob's not only the oldest, but we know he's also The Goodest, so you figure out who's The Ugliest, as I try to remember the last time these guys saw any "active duty"?  Note; Bob takes his Viagra with Coke...... Be Responsible!

Pictured Below; James D. Birch, Clyde Howard, and Bob Graham, all heroes in their own minds.  You'll find Bob in all the Team Pictures from the 50's & 60's, while J.D. and Clyde found their claim to fame in Viet Nam and Thailand.

Pictured Below, Below; Bill Covington and long ago found love, Lee are happiest with finding each again after all the years and we're happy they graced us with their company.  Look forward seeing the 2 of you as a couple in future gatherings.   Bill told me he doesn't need Viagra, but the he has a Vette..........

Helen Stanford enjoys a laugh with Commando, Bob Bieber.  Jim Stanford and Carol Bieber are somewhere, but Jill's having a hard time capturing their pictures.  Clyde's Brother, Eddie (also our CCA Treasurer) was also there buying everyone drinks, but refused pictures?

Pictured Below, Below, Below is none other then Al Bass.  Been MIA forever and now we have a face to put to the name.   Very nice meeting you Al!  Then there's the infamous, Jim Moffett, my old teammate.  Jim was doing great and Pam was home watching the grandkids.   Once you have kids, they're FOREVER!

Then there's Clyde again still looking for love.  Billy Slayton, again thanks for putting this all together.  I missed his wife Bev, but then he had enough "Boy's" and Grandkids around, I'm sure Bev was happy to stay home and have a break.   It was a "Family Affair" and all the Slayton's pitched in to ensure our pleasure, and that it was................... Thanks All!

Above; Mary Ann & Dick McCabe, plus I'll mention the back of Bill Citro's head since this is the only picture I have of Bill.  Then, there's Henry "Hap" Sauders and his better half, Cecilia.  Seems I just saw them in Las Vegas.............

Below; Tim McCann, Bob Graham, Billy Slayton, and J.D. Burch.  Below, Below; Rudy Elizondo, Don Horton, and Ron Childress; CCA Secretary.

Below, Below, Below; Always There For YOU; Mike "Red" Ghormley, Mr. Secretary; Ron Childress, Wayne Gardner and his better known wife, Bonnie; the published CCT Harlequin Novel Writer.............. You Go Girl!

Above; And you didn't think he'd live this long.......... Kay B. Duncan; "A Living Legend" and Mike McReynolds, a legend in his own mind????   Joe Edwards, where's his picture?  Joe is a Special Correspondent for SgtMac'sBar and was there.  Chuck Trimple?  Heard I just missed him.

Below; Billy decided to cater in some BBQ this year and in my opinion, I loved it!  The food was great and the company even better.  We stuffed ourselves and never left the Hospitality Room.   I was only able to attend for Saturday's activities, as with many others.  This gathering was all about visiting with our Brothers and Billy made it happen in comfort.  I still didn't have time to talk to a few and where's my picture of Steve Weger?  As I was saying, not enough time, but then that's what made it so special............ It was great seeing you guys and meeting Al Bass.

Above; A glimpse of Bill Citro and that's Micki Weger modeling a SgtMac's Bar Family Reunion 2013 T-Shirt.

Above Center is Captain Bob Bieber acknowledging "This Chief is SPECIAL"