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Dave Johnson, below,  goes to Viet Nam..... 1967

Way Above;  Charlie Clow, William "Ogie Dogie" Aguiar, and Fred Thrower
Above the guys prepare for a jump and below are the barracks

Above, Above; The troops are on crew rest.  A young, Buddy Bowden, guards the brew, while Billie Moore, Al Barksdale, and Nick Athens play cards.  Above; The house crew hard at work, while Dave Current checks out the help.
Below; Bob Revland and Jesse Powell.  Bob Revland and Rick Meyers in a "Whiskey Draw".

Above, Above; Gary Harwell and Wayne "Dink" Dalton with dog.  Charlie Clow on the bike.  Above; Buddy Bowden practices his technique.  Below; Brad Norman and Dimitrie Milinovich.

Below; Donnie Mirabile and Nick Athens.  Below Below; Joel Launer and Jesse Powell

Above; Dave Johnson, Gary Harwell and Buddy Bowden, Bill Aguiar.  Below; Bob Revland, Gary Harwell, Bill Lake, Robert A. Rawlick, and Jim Hilliard.  Below Below; Dave Johnson and Jesse Powell.

Above Above; Tom Thaanum and Dave Cavanagh dig in while Dave Johnson defends the bunker.  Above; Jesse Powell exiting bunker, Jesse Powell and Rick Meyers.  Below; Charles A. "Chuck" Paradise and Bill Aguiar on crew rest.  Below Below;  Gerald L. "Jerry" Gauthier and William E. "Bill" Jerkins.

Above Above; Jesse Powell and Ken Seeger.  Above; Rick Meyers, 2nd Photo, ? and Ken Seeger Below; Charlie Clow and Ken Seeger, Dink Dalton, and Robert J. Solomito.  
Below Below; Bob Leavitt and Dave Current.  Below Below Below; Dave Johnson, Dave Johnson and Gary Harwell, and Gary Harwell.

Special Thanks to Dave "The Knife" Johnson...................... Send Pictures!

Dave The Snake" Johnson