Tarek Awada, Gregory Walsh, Stephen Densmore, Marty Bettelyoun, Daniel Cook, Mason Mathews, Bryce Hazelwood, Christopher Vroman, Richard Floyd, DwightNewmoyer, John Houston, Joshua Mattert, Gregory Navickas, & Alan Abraham

Combat Control Class 06-03

It was my honor to attend Class 06-03 Graduation and witnessing these guys blouse their boots and don their berets for the first time, it gave me chills I was so proud.  Somehow I managed to squeeze in on their class photo and then I had a few presentations to make.  The first was to talk about Greg and how he turned down a pilot slot to become a CCT Officer.  

The second was to give Greg Walsh his Secretary of the Air Force Coin back; he presented it to me when I gave him a SgtMacsBar Coin for Good Luck.  I told him he needed to keep Jim's Coin, but he insisted mine meant more.  With that thought, I returned Jim's Coin to Greg and told him now that he's a Combat Controller, his first team coin means more to me than Jim's Coin and I was looking forward to receiving it soon.  Greg later told me Jim's Coin was mine, but I told him not to argue with me and be happy!

I presented a  SgtMacsBar Coin to each new Combat Controller with promises they would become SgtMacsBar members and they certainly honored me at the bar later on.  They understood the tradition of the 48, 49, 50 depicted on their  SgtMacsBar Coin and practiced within their graduation and made the Code Word for the bar tab, Some Shit!

However, before the party; I was also able to present Greg with a Combat Control Association Life Membership in the name of Dick Sigman, R.I.P.

Sig met Greg at SgtMacsBar before he entered the Air Force and we all had a few beers together while telling stories and wishing Greg well.   Sig passed away before Greg graduated, but he wasn't forgotten.  Betty, Sig's wife, wanted to donate some money to SgtMacsBar and what better use of it, than to promote the Combat Control Association.  

Sig was one of the Founding Fathers of the Combat Control Association and our involvement and support of the Combat Control Association was very important to him and for that reason, the money was used present Greg with a Life Time CCA Membership.  

We both saw something in this young man and rather than saying Good Luck with your endeavors, I said I'll be there when you graduate.  Greg is a future Commander of Combat Control and will help "Bring Us All A Little Bit Closer!", through his Leadership!  HooYa Greg..............................