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SgtMacsBar Canteen is all about Combat Controllers helping Combat Controllers.   I've always known CCTers have some unique gifts, but some of those talents really surprised me.  My original intentions were to get a SgtMacsBar Coin in everyone's pocket and eventually come up with a Tee-Shirt or Hat representing SgtMacsBar, but this would take some expense.   Gary Brock took care of my inspirations when he surprised me with a Custom Embroidered SgtMacsBar Shirt.  I asked him if he could come up with a hat and that started SgtMacsBar Canteen.  Since, Gary has retired, but all of the websites below offer custom design and products made by Combat Controllers.  Just click on the item of interest for more information.

The SgtMacsBar Challenge Coin

Custom Signs,Vinyl Graphics & More; Parrot Head Graphics

Personalized Coin Holder or Shadow Boxes

How About A Custom Sketch Of Your Favorite Photo?

Combat Controller, Abstract Mind
Abstract Artist, Extraordinaire!
"Mind Boggling

                            CCT Paraphernalia  and Books                
Eye of the Storm, by Gene Adcock
No Room for Error, by John "Coach" Carney
You Are Your Own Gym, by Mark Kling (pen name; Mark Lauren)
Bonnie Gardner and her CCT Harlequin Novels
Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Special Tactics CCT/PJ by James Thede
Rhudy's Combat Control Jewelry

Not CCT Owned, but this site has a lot of CCT Paraphernalia and More!   Click Here!
Flying Tigers Surplus, Red Beret
Army Surplus Command Post, Red Beret
USA Military Medals, CCT Flash

                                            CCTers Providing Services                          
Big Time Discounts New, Used. & Lots More for sale; or sell your stuff by D.E. "Willie" Williams your source for Music, Movies, Games, and Books by D.E. "Willie" Williams 
Tim and Nancy Brown/TAN Reality, Military Relocations
John Cummings, Philippines/Margarita Station
Johnny Pantages/WinTec
Gene Adcock/Tactical & Survival Equipment
DE "Willie" Williams/Photographer
Jeff Carper/Defense Training
Clint Randolph/Ski Breckenridge
Dan Packard/Military Eyewear/

Jeff Clemens/Cartoonist

Mike Naylor/writer and creator of new Super Hero Vesuvius Johnson Comic book

Kitty Schlegel/Assault Zone Innovations

Keith Haselden...... The Haselden Company caters to the Food & Beverage industries

Fran and Diana Oster/Team National - Providing Value, Inspiring Dreams


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