Combat Control Family Reunion
Memorial Day Weekend; 2013
Special Thanks to all those who made this possible and those in attendance who made it FUN!

THE LINE IS HOT!  Jessie, Noel, Bob, Tom, Mac, Doug, Ron, Roger, Alice, and Jim.... FIRE!

Don't mess with USAF Captain Noel "HOT SHOT" Carroll.... I Salute YOU and The Davis Family!

Doug Kimme; A weapon in the hand is like having sex on a cold night..... I LOVE MY WEAPONS!

Above Bob's having FUN and below Jim Albele gives Dee Brawley some pointers.  The favorite pistol was Ron Evan's CCT Limited Edtion .45, which most owners would mount on the wall.  We put 200 rounds through her and she was so easy to handle, she even made Linda Crate shoot like an expert.   
    Ron got to shoot 1 clip and then it was out of his hands............  Thanks Ron, that should have been my gun      

Above; Linda "Annie Oakley" knocks down 5 plates with Ron Evan's Limited Edition CCT .45
Below, The Texas Defender gets a workout... 410 shotgun load or .45 caliber!

Don't mess with Sally Pender Bryant, looks like she's having FUN............ Kicking Butt!

The only injury, me as I support my Big Bore with the bi-pod.  My hand is in front of the "flash gap" and my wrist suffered powder burns and shrapnel. Lucky for me, Fred "Doc" Garcia was able to save my hand and I was put in for a purple heart.  Flash Gap, that was a new one on me, but I never remember putting my hand forward of the chamber when firing a revolver, especially a Big Bore!  I was not impressed!

Above, ask Linda, does that weapon have a little kick, or are you shooting ducks?

     LUNCH and it's off to Harrisburg, pop. 184, and home to Missouri's Best BBQ

                 From the Firing Range to Lonnie Rays, Best Ribs and home of the Gee Wilikers Sandwich.

The guys from the golf outing were going to meet us here, however they were late and we passed each other on our way back.  Lucky for them, they had a nice country drive and we had plenty of BBQ left over from lunch, plus we picked up 3 Huge Trays of Ribs for tonights at Tom and Judy's.  I forgot to tell Yvette to smile, actually she out shot me and was just bragging............. WE ALL HAD FUN, SOME EVEN MORE FUN!