Combat Control Family Reunion
Memorial Day Weekend; 2013
Special Thanks to all those who made this possible and those in attendance who made it FUN!

Up top are our local pros, Allee Ryder, Tom Butcher, and Rick Robins.  Then there's Karen and Chris Caffall with family members Mike & and Jeanette Diesen.  Above are Allee, Rick, and Tom playing with Pete Servais.

Below are Bill Burr, Jim & Alice Aubele, and Fran Oster

Above are Alice Aubele, Bill Burr, Jim Aubele, and Fran Oster.  Below, everyone's a WINNER!  Rick checks out Allee's Goof Balls while Fran Oster congratulates Jim & Alice Aubele.

Pete Servais is happy to have Goofy Balls too.  Others such as Bill, Fran, and Tom ended up with a 3 pack of cigars and leather case.  A few cigar lighters and other gifts were given away too.

However, no one was really interested in the prizes, it was all about the drinking and winning, the prizes were just there, but most of all it was about the Camaraderie and BS that goes along with the game.........