Always A Good Time At SgtMac'sBar, It's the FRIENDS
Memorial Day, 2012

We started out at the VFW for some chow, entertainment, and beverages.  Bob and Carol Bieber showed up along with our neighbor, Paige.  The gangs almost all here.

We were all having a good time, and then the Navy showed up..... and we had even a BETTER TIME!

Believe it or not; This is a story about 4 Navy guys ( Tyler, Anthony, Brad, and Adam) who the Navy gave an Orion P-3 anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft.  Our movie star, Allee, found these boy toys wandering the streets of Columbia claiming they had flown an airplane in for the Salute to Veterans Air Show, hence, their arrest for imitating real Navy Active Duty, and underage drinking.

Upon arrest, the police found 1 of them actually had a pilot's license he and bonded the rest of them out.  After finding out they weren't scamming Allee, we all retired to SgtMac'sBar, and celebrated  Anthony's promotion to 0-3.   Their home base was weathered in and they really were stranded here.  In full disclosure, 3 of the guys were married and the 4th was an Officer and a Gentleman.

We were all very happy to spend Memorial Day with some Active Duty Troops and show them a good time, as they did us.   Were our air crews so young?

Fred "Doc" Garcia with daughter Allee, and look who she "drugged" in this time; The infamous Combat Controller, RALPH THOMAS!    

Always A Good Time At SgtMac'sBar, It's the FRIENDS

It's so much fun to welcome you and always so sad to see you leave.   We spent 4 days together and had more fun each day.  The pictures only show some of the fun we had, and what made this day so special were the people.  We were all veterans, some active duty troops, and fellow CCTer Gold Star Parent, Doug Kimme.  Doug shared some thoughts and video about his son Danny, KIA

A documentary, A Second Knock at the Door, was made and includes the story of Danny's death.  Doug and others are attempting to learn the truth about their loss, and this documentary is but the tip of the iceburg.  Even though it made most of us cry, thank you for sharing Doug, We Love You!

Always A Good Time At SgtMac'sBar, It's the FRIENDS

This was but a glimple of next years plans; CCT Gold Star Family Reunion, A Toast To Our Fallen