The next morning started out a bit slow, but after Jill gave us substanance, and we got our Bloody Marys and Beer all was back to normal.  Then Ralph Thomas and his designated driver and son, Luke showed up with Ron Bible and his squeeze showing up soon after.  The two of them are still all over each other and there's rumors of marriage.  Enough of that kinky stuff, Let's Party!

Randy and Lisa Schlotman along with their favorite four children showed up to help us!
Steve and Susan Wilder Susan  made three more!

Then the Jay Hawk fans, Charlie and Libby Mason showed up with their Yellow Feet to root for the Jay Hawks in Mizzou territory.  We could have lived with that, but then the insults......... They,ve Gone Too Far!

‘Twas the morn before game time,
While gathered ‘round the kegs,
Not a Margarita was stirring, or even old Mags.

Beer for Mac and Bourbon for Old Dog,
They were all laughing…What the hell is a Phog?
Jill’s banners were hung at Sgt. Macs Bar with care,
In hopes that Mizzou would find many TD’s through the air.

 Drunken and crazy and off all their meds,
With visions of touch downs dancing through their Heads.

When all of the sudden there arose such a clatter,
They all sprang from the keg to see what was the Matter. 

There at the door wearing his yellow Jay Hawk Shoes,
Was Charlie with Libby decked out in Crimson & Blues, 

They looked at the crown that was gathered around,
And said they knew the game was in town.
“We came here to watch it, but wish us good luck..
Though it’s not like we need it, ‘cause Mizzou Sucks!

If our new neighbors, Matt (Matt's a Marine teaching ROTC stuff at the University) and Andi hadn't brought their youngster, Grace over.... Charlie would have been in trouble!  .

Hiding behind Babies and Booze,
Just like Jay Hawks..........