Riding the Blue Ridge Parkway up to J.P.'s is just beautiful and we picked up one more person, Bob Barinowski, to finish our trip.  Once there, we relaxed and enjoyed the view while enjoying a few brews in J.P.'s honor.   We gathered around and each said a few words as we remember our friend and brother, while wishing the family well................ God Bless!

That evening we went out to a nice German Eatery and thank goodness,  Steve and Lynne Polofka picked up the check.  I only had a burger, but it was ground up beef tenderloin........ Jill wouldn't let me use the ketchup.  A great time was had by ALL and special thanks to Dave and the Razcal's Team for taking such good care of us...................

Clyde found a way to hang his bike off the back of his motorhome so he can pull his Jeep.  Parting is such sweet sorrow, but I notice Dave put 1st Annual Blue Ridge Memorial M.C. Run.
 See you guys next year?

Dave was a Great Host and I certainly recommend you visit Razcal's at any opportunity.  I left with some paraphenilia from the lounge to have a Razcal's presences at SgtMacsBar and took the liberty to release Dave of the liability of  a certain "Pabst Sign", only hanging with three screws, creating a certain hazard for his customers.... Thanks Dave!