Algodones, Mexico is always our choice to spend an afternoon or two.   We have Friends and Margaritas, the world is back in tune!
A good Cuban and a few Margaritas go a long ways to put you in the right mind.................

I think that's Mom styling in my sunglasses, have you noticed any ants???????????

I'm not sure why, but all the Mexicans thought Minnie & Vinnie's names were both, "Tacos!"  

Dad looks on in amazement that even Mom has Friends down in Mexico.  Much Friendlier than Phoenix!
Although, seeing your woman with another man can cause drinking, don't tell Dad it's non-alcoholic beer........................

Surprise...... Guess who's coming to dinner; It's Buddy, my brother.  Buddy lives down in Mexico and usually only makes the states for Christmas.  He played one on us and showed up unexpectedly.  What a nice surprise!  Very Friendly place!

Is that a huge mouse drinking beer with Buddy?  Margaritas do funny things to your mind and instead of bringing cheap tequila back to the states, I brought a bunch of rocks back.   What was I thinking?  Another Margarita Por Favor............

And Another SURPRISE!  I was expecting to have dinner with Nick and Sherry Fresques, but was surprised to find 5 Combat Controllers were also dinning with us.  Some of the troops were learning how to fall out of the sky and stopped by for a visit.   Buddy came along too and we managed to eat and drink everything in the house.   I was as full as the stories I was exaggerating about  to our new warriors, who managed not to fall asleep during all my babbling.

Then Nick mentioned something about X-Box and all of a sudden there was life, I think.  Well, there was action all over as these guys shot up the terrorist.   It was all happening so fast and way over my head, I knew my skills were long past.  

Combat Control is in the hands of these guys (Steve, Mason, Eddie, Chad, and Derek) and we expect a lot out of them; They Deliver!  It was my pleasure to spend some time with Nick and Sherry, and an honor to meet the guys!  Thank You for such a nice surprise.

I was supposed to see a few other guys while in Yuma, but plans all fell through.   I missed some guys on the way, but the surprises overcame the let downs and I had a good week.  It took me 4 days to drive out and one to drive back.  I had a lot of time to think, while driving back and you know what............ I'm a lucky guy!

I hope to see you in Nashville and the follow-on @ Razcals with Dave Pearson in Asheville.  It's all about you guys and I thank you for being part of my vacation.   I love you, Mac