COMBAT CONTROL TEAM QUILT                                          by Dee Brawley
This quilt was created with Love, Admiration, and Heartfelt Gratitude to all Combat Control Teams

This quilt was donated by Dee Brawley to raise funds for our CCT Family Reunion and will be raffled off to the lucky winner.   It's a huge nine by eight masterpiece only done justice by viewing.  Please click on any of the pictures below to get a detailed full size image.  You may purchase tickets below for $10.00 each or send a check made to Mike McReynolds, 2500 Hillshire Drive, Columbia, MO. 65203  (573) 446-4840             
You do not have to be present to win, but I hope you are.  Dee Brawley will pick the winning ticket on Memorial Day, 27 May at VFW Post 280..... GOOD LUCK! and Thank You for your involvement.
PURCHASE TICKETS HERE;  1 TICKET FOR $10.00   or    6 FOR $50.00

     14 X 17  $500.00 CCT Mirror

Joe Edwards left me with a problem.  It started out as a stained glass project and turned into a very nice and expensive mirror.  This is an original and required a one time set up fee  making the cost of this mirror a bit high, so we're gonna raffle the mirror.  

Now that the set up fee has been paid, I can order you one for only $350.  The detail is flawless and it comes with a very nice frame.  To order one, email me; here   This is a limited opportunity, act now.

 Raffle Tickets
1 for 10   or   3 for 20

Bill Covington donates his 18X24 Signed EOTS Print...  Number 4 of only 100
EOTS DRAWING: The Eye of the Storm is a stylized depiction of a classic Combat Control Team (CCT) formation. Shown are three Combat Controllers at the control point, on a drop zone (DZ). At left is the Command and Control operator; he maintains the long-haul communications link with theater command authority. At center is the Air Traffic Controller; he coordinates all flight activities within the airhead, air traffic control area. At right is Control Point Security; he maintains a watchful eye and monitors radio communications. In an emergency, he is prepared to immediately take over from one of the other two operators. Supporting the air traffic control team are other controllers. They are disbursed around the formation, forming a security perimeter.

THE ARTIST - A native of Porterville, California, SFC John Costa is a seventeen-year veteran of the US Army. He is assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division and serves as the Brigade Fire Support Sergeant in the 2nd Brigade Combat Team at Ft. Bragg. His combat experience includes three deployments to Iraq: the first to Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and two Operation Iraqi Freedom tours. Sergeant Costa is a budding artist with several military drawings already in circulation. He donated his time and talent to the CCSA Eye of the Storm project. In token of appreciation, the association awarded him HONOARY MEMBERSHIP in the CCSA
1 Ticket $2.00    3 Tickets $5.00     8 Tickets $10.00
This print was used as a fund raiser for the Combat Control School Heritage Foundation and continues to raise funds for the Combat Control Family Reunion.  The print is #4 of 100 prints and is signed by the artist.  This is also the picture depicted on the book; Eye of the Storm by Gene Adcock.  Gene also donated 5 of his books to be given away to donators during the reunion.  My hopes are that Gene will be here for the reunion and bring some extra books for purchase and sign all.
Purchase tickets here, or mail me a check made to Mike McReynolds, 2500 Hillshire Drive, Columbia, MO. 65203

1 Ticket $20.00    3 Tickets $50.00     8 Tickets $100.00
Believe It or Not; This Immaculate Weapon could be yours for as little as $12.50
This is a new rifle purchased from;  Cost; $2495.00
Purchase tickets here, or mail me a check made to Mike McReynolds, 2500 Hillshire Drive, Columbia, MO. 65203