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The John Wayne Tribute Rifle Could Be YOURS
     John Wayne stood larger than life on the silver screen, and just as tall in real life. During his long career, he appeared in more than 150 films, and audiences around the world recognized him as the one man who best represented the patriotic spirit of America.
     More than 25 years after his death, John Wayne still ranks among the top 10 most popular movie stars in the annual Harris Poll, and his movies continue to be viewed by millions of Americans, ensuring his status as a legendary American icon.
     Many people remember him best from his Westerns. He was the lawman who tamed the wild towns, the gunfighter who stood up for the poor and powerless, the iron-willed westerner who wouldn’t back down.
     Now, America Remembers, with authorization from Wayne Enterprises, proudly announces the John Wayne Tribute Rifle, a handsomely decorated firearm issued in remembrance and tribute to this distinguished American and legendary Western film star.

Model:  Model 1873 Rifle (Uberti)
Barrel Length:  19"
Caliber:  .45LC
Edition Limit:  3500
Decoration: Each Tribute rifle is decorated by craftsmen specifically commissioned by America Remembers.

To honor America’s favorite Western movie star, we selected the classic Model ‘73 rifle, arguably America’s most famous Western rifle. Often called “the rifle that won the West,” the Model ‘73 has been admired for decades as an engineering landmark, representing light-weight utility and long-ranged power. The rugged lever action proved simple to operate and offered quick and plentiful firepower. Since its days of action on the Western frontier, the Model ‘73 has become a classic – widely desired and highly collectible. Each John Wayne Tribute Rifle is a handsome working recreation of the immortal Winchester Model 1873 rifle produced for us by the master craftsmen of A. Uberti, the world’s premier maker of historical firearms recreations.

Every metal surface of the John Wayne Tribute Rifle is finished in a mirror-polished, lustrous deep blue by craftsmen commissioned for this project by America Remembers. The receiver features artwork in 24-karat gold and scrollwork in the  tradition of the finest presentation firearms.

The right side of the receiver features a scene familiar to every fan of Western classics. In it, John Wayne leads the U.S. Cavalry through the buttes and dry gullies of desolate Monument Valley. Above the scene flies a banner that reads “John Wayne.” Left side of the receiver features John Wayne as a wagon train scout, leading settlers and a cavalry escort through Apache territory. This scene was taken from the painting, “Under Attack,” by famed Western artist Frank McCarthy. And if you look closely, you will see a rifle in John Wayne’s right hand! Handsome scrollwork in the tradition of the finest firearms frames the artwork, with all artwork being featured in stunning 24-karat gold.
The handsome walnut stocks are checkered and finished to a high gloss, and the hammer ,trigger, barrel bracket, barrel plug and stock ring are polished and decorated in 24-karat gold.
Did you notice the left side of the barrel features John Wayne’s signature, and inset into the stock is a 24-karat gold-plated medallion with John Wayne’s portrait. The handsome walnut stocks are checkered and finished to a high gloss, and the hammer and trigger are polished and decorated in 24-karat gold.

"JOHN WAYNE" and " & DUKE/THE DUKE" are the exclusive trademark property of John Wayne Enterprises, LLC. The John Wayne name and likeness and all other related indicia are the intellectual property of John Wayne Enterprises, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

1 Ticket $20.00    3 Tickets $50.00     8 Tickets $100.00
Believe It or Not; This Immaculate Weapon could be yours for as little as $12.50
This is a new rifle purchased from;  Cost; $2495.00
Purchase tickets here, or mail me a check made to Mike McReynolds, 2500 Hillshire Drive, Columbia, MO. 65203
NOTE; Raffle ticket number/s will be emailed to you at the time entered. You do not have to have your ticket to win, your information will be computerized. If you prefer to have the 2nd half of the ticket, please write, "Mail Ticket" in instructions on the payment form and send a self addressed envelope.  If you are not present, you will be notified by email or snail mail; you are responsible to keep both up to date.  You do not have to be present to win, however you are responsible for securing (pick your weapon up personally or arrange to have it shipped through a firearms dealer) your weapon within a reasonable amount of time.  Drawing will be at VFW Post 280 on Monday, May 27th, 2013.  You may purchase tickets up to the time of drawing, computer entry will end 26 May 2013.

This weapon was donated to Sgt Mac's Bar by person/persons unknown, Codename; Possum.    No body wants to take responsibility for giving me a gun?  Go Figure.............

Please Practice Safe Weapon Handling Procedures

and whatever you do

Watch out for the Zombies!
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     14 X 17  $500.00 CCT Mirror

Joe Edwards left me with a problem.  It started out as a stained glass project and turned into a very nice and expensive mirror.  This is an original and required a one time set up fee making the cost of this mirror a bit high, so we're gonna raffle the mirror.  

Now that the set up fee has been paid, I can order you one for only $350.  The detail is flawless and it comes with a very nice frame.  To order one, email me; here   This is a limited opportunity, act now.

 Raffle Tickets
1 for 10   or   3 for 20

Bill Covington donates his 18X24 Signed EOTS Print...  Number 4 of only 100
EOTS DRAWING: The Eye of the Storm is a stylized depiction of a classic Combat Control Team (CCT) formation. Shown are three Combat Controllers at the control point, on a drop zone (DZ). At left is the Command and Control operator; he maintains the long-haul communications link with theater command authority. At center is the Air Traffic Controller; he coordinates all flight activities within the airhead, air traffic control area. At right is Control Point Security; he maintains a watchful eye and monitors radio communications. In an emergency, he is prepared to immediately take over from one of the other two operators. Supporting the air traffic control team are other controllers. They are disbursed around the formation, forming a security perimeter.

THE ARTIST - A native of Porterville, California, SFC John Costa is a seventeen-year veteran of the US Army. He is assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division and serves as the Brigade Fire Support Sergeant in the 2nd Brigade Combat Team at Ft. Bragg. His combat experience includes three deployments to Iraq: the first to Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and two Operation Iraqi Freedom tours. Sergeant Costa is a budding artist with several military drawings already in circulation. He donated his time and talent to the CCSA Eye of the Storm project. In token of appreciation, the association awarded him HONOARY MEMBERSHIP in the CCSA
1 Ticket $2.00    3 Tickets $5.00     8 Tickets $10.00
This print was used as a fund raiser for the Combat Control School Heritage Foundation and continues to raise funds for the Combat Control Family Reunion.  The print is #4 of 100 prints and is signed by the artist.  This is also the picture depicted on the book; Eye of the Storm by Gene Adcock.  Gene also donated 5 of his books to be given away to donators during the reunion.  My hopes are that Gene will be here for the reunion and bring some extra books for purchase and sign all.
Purchase tickets here, or mail me a check made to Mike McReynolds, 2500 Hillshire Drive, Columbia, MO. 65203

                              COMBAT CONTROL TEAM QUILT                                          by Dee Brawley
This quilt was created with Love, Admiration, and Heartfelt Gratitude to all Combat Control Teams
This quilt was donated by Dee Brawley to raise funds for our CCT Family Reunion and will be raffled off to the lucky winner.   It's a huge nine by eight masterpiece only done justice by viewing.  Please click on any of the pictures below to get a detailed full size image.  You may purchase tickets below or send a check made to Mike McReynolds, 2500 Hillshire Drive, Columbia, MO. 65203  (573) 446-4840             
You do not have to be present to win, but I hope you are.  Dee Brawley will pick the winning ticket on Memorial Day, 27 May at VFW Post 280..... GOOD LUCK! and Thank You for your involvement.
PURCHASE TICKETS HERE;  1 TICKET FOR $10.00   or    6 FOR $50.00