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Abstract is only a Condition of my Mind

"This artist and painter counts it an honor to participate with the greatest Artist ever, the Creator of man and his natural environment. In the process of creating and arranging the elements of His creation into a meaningful composition, the Great Artist captures the senses of man and stimulates the emotional depth of each viewer. In a similar fashion, and as a student of the great Artist, I pray my paintings will grip and capture the senses of each observer, stirring and stimulating his aesthetic and artistic spirit to a higher level of sensitivity to life and her natural and variegated beauty.

My work is varied embracing Abstract Expressionism and Stylistic Realism. Today, I paint with humble passion in whatever style most connects with my inner spirituality and conceivably will best stimulate the senses and spirit of the viewer. I attempt to do this by focusing on fundamental artistic principles, the inherent qualities of the media, and the beautiful lights and textures found in this world created by the great Artist Himself.

My paintings may find their basic roots in arranged elements or landscape. Art for me, on one level, will always be an attempt to capture light and textures in a pleasurable and contrasting power of paint and the media of choice. Although the themes and styles may vary, the very core of my paintings is spiritual. The true Creator has given each and every one of us an opportunity to participate with Him in His greatest masterpiece of all---creation! What we do with that opportunity to participate, I believe, will have eternal significance."

Gordon Swayze                                                                   

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For more of Gordy's paintings, please click here to visit Gordy's Web Page   

Gordon Swayze
8638 E. Placita Pueblo Bonito
Tucson, AZ 85710
(520) 777-7912

Gordon Swayze was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1942. His father had just enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force to become an Aviation Cadet and eventually served a 30-year career in the United States Air Force. His parents were both graduates of the University of Washington, but an air force flying career would take this family around the United States and Europe. Gordon attended Rincon High School in Tucson, Arizona while his father flew B-47 strategic bombers out of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. After graduating from Rincon's first class, Gordon packed his car and ventured up to Seattle in order to major in art education at the University of Washington. He graduated in 1964 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.

The air force was an exciting career and Gordon volunteered for Special Operations as a Combat Control Officer. While serving between 1964 and 1978, he was stationed in Vietnam, Europe, and the United States. Gordon graduated from the Army Basic Parachutist's Course, the Navy Underwater Swimmer's Course, and the High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) Parachutist's Course. He became a qualified HALO Jumpmaster, but left the air force to enter Southern California College of Optometry. In 1992, he returned to active duty as Chief of Aerospace Optometry at Howard Air Force Base, in the Republic of Panama.

It was while stationed in Panama that Swayze wanted to return to his first love... art! He commenced building a painting portfolio during his four-year assignment in Panama and then was reassigned to Davis-Monthan AFB, in Tucson, Arizona. Life was bringing him full-circle and in 1996 returned him to the beautiful Arizona Sonoran desert where his art interests were first stimulated.

Swayze believes that his marriage to his wife, Marcelle, in 1993, was the overt catalyst that motivated him to pick up his paintbrushes and palette knives. He is presently retired from the air force and living with Marcelle, in Arizona where he is developing a new career as an artist-painter.

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“Just finished your Dad’s book and loved it.  The straight-forward approach made the story easy to read.  I liked the details in portions of it, particularly some of the details of the shortcomings of the B-24 and comparisons with the B-17.  While I have read other books with similar details, your Dad’s version is the best I have encountered so far.  Since my Dad was trained on and flew B-17s, that has largely been my main focus.  While the training was the same, your father’s book made it very clear to me that there were major differences when flying on operational missions.  “Sporty Course” is a wonderful book that covers all aspects of becoming a bomber pilot, and then it takes you to war. 

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